Have you owned, seen or even heard of an Android smartphone with a dedicated camera button? At least I have not seen any. iOS (since beginning) and Android (after ICS) devices are pretty similar in this case. Both operating system provide shortcuts to camera right on the lockscreen. But is that enough? I think all smartphones must have a camera button so that users might open camera without delay whenever they want and from any screen.

There are moments when we do not have time to look for the Camera icon to capture a picture. Sometimes you might just miss a shot as you struggle to try to launch the camera. Luckily, this serious drawback on Android phones has started drawing the attention of our talented developers. Thanks to Matt from XDA forum for devising a new mod that allows users to launch the camera quickly and capture pictures using hardware buttons.

The new camera mod is meant for the HTC One and having installed it on your rooted phone, you’ll be able to control the camera using the volume keys. The volume keys acting like  physical camera buttons might prove very convenient to those who frequently use their phone’s camera for shooting pictures or recording videos.

The mod is based on the latest 2.24 Sense camera app from Android 4.2.2 update and works on all HTC One variants with Sense-based deodexed custom ROMs. It has been found working on custom ROMs like Android Revolution HD, TrickDroid and Renovate. If you device has some other Sense based ROM and it is deodexed, the mod should work for you.

To Root and install a deodexed custom ROM on your HTC One, visit the following links:

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The camera button mod for the HTC One is available in 3 variants depending on the version of the OS on your phone and preference. Pressing and holding any of the Volume buttons can take rapid pictures (not burst shot).

  1. Take pictures with Volume Up or Down key
  2. Capture photos pressing Volume Up key while the Volume Down is used for Focus
  3. Snap Photos with Volume Up and record Videos with Volume Down

While all three variants are available for devices with Android 4.2.2, those with Android 4.1.2 can have the first mod only.


How to Install:

If you phone has a custom ROM installed on it, I do not think it appropriate to give the steps to install the camera button mod on your HTC One but still here are some quick steps:

  1. Download and copy the preferred zip to your phone.
  2. Boot device into recovery mode using either the reboot options in Power menu, or Volume Down+Power button after turning off the phone.
  3. When your phone is in CWM or TWRP recovery, go to install option and select the zip file.
  4. Confirm the installation and when it is done, return to main menu in recovery and reboot device.

Now start playing with the volume buttons and let us know how it works for you. Cheers and keep visiting for cool stuff on Android!

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