After Huawei rolled out the Nougat update to its 2016 flagship P9 it was time to shower some Nougat love on the Huawei P9 Lite. And sure enough, the company didn’t disappoint. The firmware B360/B361 that rolled out to the Huawei P9 Lite is well over 1.5GB in size and includes EMUI 5.0 built atop Android 7.0 Nougat.

What’s new?

The update brings back the app drawer to Huawei’s EMUI which has always had more in common with Apple’s iOS than Android. The UI is better than ever and more streamlined. To the non-stock Android lover, it might even seem beautiful to look at. The settings menu has been redesigned as well. Features from the Nougat side include of course the multi window or split screen and customizable Quick settings tiles as well as suggested settings in the settings app among a lot of other things. Changes specific to the Huawei P9 Lite include performance improvement and fixed RAM management.

If you wish to update your Huawei P9 Lite to the official Nougat firmware from Huawei, we have laid out a step by step guide for you and we hope you find it helpful.

This guide covers the following Huawei P9 variants:

  1. VNS-L21C185B360
  2. VNS-L21C10B360
  3. VNS-L22C636B360
  4. VNS-L23C605B362
  5. VNS-L31C185B360
  6. VNS-L31C636B361
  7. VNS-L31C432B380
  8. VNS-L31C432B381
  9. VNS-L21C432B380
  10. VNS-L21C432B381


The update is only meant for Huawei P9 Lite, and will not work on the Huawei P9. DroidViews is in no way responsible for anything that happens to your device and you understand that anything you do is your own responsibility. That said, we do take great care to keep the guide simple enough, and accurate enough. Being an official update this will not void your warranty.


  1. Make sure you have installed the latest USB drivers for Huawei P9 Lite on your PC.
  2. Charge your device so it doesn’t turn off while the update is still in progress.
  3. While the data on your phone should be safe, we’d still advise that you keep a backup of it just in case.
  4. Download from below the firmware according to your phone’s model number. Download all the files specified for your specific model number.


To know more about P9 Lite’s firmware, please click here.

  1. VNS-L21C185B360

2. VNS-L21C10B360

3. VNS-L22C636B360

4. VNS-L23C605B362

5. VNS-L31C185B360

6. VNS-L31C636B361

7. VNS-L31C432B380

8. VNS-L31C432B381

9. VNS-L21C432B380

10. VNS-L21C432B381

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Update Huawei P9 Lite Manually To Official Android 7.0 Nougat (EMUI 5.0)

  1. Extract the contents of the zip files you downloaded from above.
  2. Create a folder named “dload” in the root directory of your device’s SDcard.
  3. Copy all the extracted contents of the zips into the dload folder.
  4. Open the dialer app and dial *#*# 2846579#*# *
  5. Select Project MenuSoftware upgrade > SDcard upgrade > confirm the installation.
  6. The firmware will begin installing and once that is done your device will reboot automatically.

That’s it. You should soon be greeted with EMUI 5.0 running on top of Android 7.0 Nougat. The first boot may take a while.

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  1. my phone is b170 and i downloaded VNS-L31C636B361 followed every step, extracted zip files to dload folder but still failed

  2. My Huawer P9 Lite is VNS-L53C605B120 EMUI 4.1.3. I do not see my version listed above among the listed. Do you have any update for my version or can any of the above be used? If yes, which is it. Please let me know. Send response to my email so I can know when you reply.
    Much Thanks.

  3. Yes there is. After you have transferred files to sd card. Turn off the phone. Hold both volume buttons and power button together. That should boot you into a updater which would start the update from the sd card automatically. Ask if you need anymore help.

  4. Both VNS-L21C185 update zips have similar names, exactly how do you extract and save to the same location without overwriting?? This is frustrating because I get up to 5% and it fails, everytime.

  5. Salut, ai reusit sa faci ceva, eu mi am blocat telefonul si nu pot sa i mai fac nimi…
    Merci anticipat.

  6. I’m so pissed, I can’t get it to update. It goes up to 5% and fails, and I can’t put both all the extracted files into the same folder because they have the same names. Can anyone help? I have the L31C185 update

  7. hi. my phone is L31C432B160, can you tell me witch firmware to install please? I tryed with B383 but failed, help please.
    thanks a lot

  8. My phone is on Android 7.0 already, but some general apps are missing, so is the Updater, I decided to use these files, but I can’t dial *#*# 2846579#*# *, because it’s not working on 7.0 anymore. Is there any other way to apply the update from the SD card?

  9. will these updates work fine on the 2gb ram model ? or it may cause some lag?
    Thank you

  10. i have VNS-L31C432B160, which update should i choose among these which can run without any problem. or should i wait for officials?

  11. Hi can you please tell me how and where to find update for model VNS-L21C66B153? Thanks

  12. does this work for the VNS-L23C605B362 if so which update to download cause there are two

  13. I reverted it back to android 6.0 stock rom and after couple of days, updated again. cleared cache and wiped data. seems OK now.

  14. bro..where you from? and why u flash sri lankan firmware? can i know.. which firmware u used before that? becoz im also having problem with nougat.. i wanna rollback to emui4.1…can srilankan firmware works on malaysia?

  15. Tried to update from VNS-L21C432B160 using VNS-L21C10B360 as you said in the comments and it doesn’t work. Incompatibility with current software…You also said we have to extract everything from both zips and then in the comments said that we don’t have to extract anything. .. do you even know how this works?

  16. i have flashed this “HUAWEI_P9 Lite_Firmware_VNS-L31_Android 6.0_EMUI 4.1_C636B161_Sri Lanka” firmware before and i worked fine. so can i download VNS-L31C636B361 firmware for my phone???

  17. I tried this finally, and its not compatible with 161 version.. looks like we gonna wait some more for the update

  18. My build is VNS-L31C432B160 dual sim,im in south africa which one should I download?

  19. Good day.

    Thank you for the guide. I’m wondering whether you know whether an update is available for the VNS-L31C16B120, and if so, which package should be used?

  20. there are two folders of META-INF

    which one should i paste

    or should i rename one of the folder


  21. hello
    i have huawei p9 lite the model number VNS-L31C185B150
    how can i update
    please help me

  22. can you please help me??
    i’m using p9 lite with bulild number vns-l31c432b130 and i got update off b160 but shows update failed how can i update this??

  23. From L21C432B360 update with FirmwareFinder to B380 from here doesn’t work. Update fail, reboot the system. I guess de dload method doesn’t work great. So I stick with classic method and I wait for Firmware Finder repair.

  24. Yes Oliver, B360 from Firmware Finder(when was in line) works well. I suspect a little problem to GSM/wifi modul, I mean I observe a decrease of the signal strength. But I didn’t reset my phone after update and maybe it is a problem with that. I erase today my phone and I come back with more observations.

  25. Thank you! I allready update to B360 with Firmware finder. But Firmware Finder doesn’t work anymore, said he wait for an update and then close it.. Can I update to B380 from here?

  26. Update is incompatible with current version error using the download from this site

  27. Hi my phone is a dual sim VNS-L31C432B160 is there an update for that model by now?

  28. There shouldn’t be any technical issues or problem since both the firmwares are officially from Huawei.

  29. Hi, did Rakesh below point you in the right direction with VNS-L21C185B360? I’ve also got the VNS-L31C02B125. Thanks

  30. What if i want to go back to L21C432B160 when the oficial update from HUAWEI will come? Is that gonna make any problems to my phone(technical)?

  31. My phone build number is VNS-L21C432B160 If i update it to VNS-L21C10B360 will there be any problem or i should wait for ofiical update? Or can you post update for this model?

  32. What about VNS-L21C432B160 Dual sim European model? Can you put an update for us? Much appreciated!

  33. Dear friends. Which firmware can I use if I have VNS-L21C432B160 P9 Lite Dual SIM? And after update will ve the device ROOTed?

  34. Hello my phone is L21C185B150, dual sim and when I try to update it says upgrade file not found, any thoughts?

  35. Hi, my version is is L21C185B150 which update file should i download.Will it work and do i have to be rooted

  36. can I ask how to identify frimware ? what is the difference between VNS-L31C and L21C?

  37. witch frimware I can install on my vns-L31C900b160? thanks p9 lite single sim 3gb ram

  38. My P9-Lite has automatically updated to EMUI5.0 and Android 7 this morning. The build number is VNS-L21C185B360. Overall experience is great!

  39. Bom dia informo que não consegui, estou a espera do update oficial OTA.
    Em 28/03/2017 10:54, “Disqus” escreveu:

  40. Just an update, any other models other than the ones listed above have yet to receive any official update and thus no firmware is available for them. Flashing any other firmware will only give you errors.

  41. Hey, there is no official update yet available for VNS-L31C432B160. So any packages you try will fail. Hopefully your device can still boot?

  42. My build number is VNS-L21C02B122 what firmware should i flash? Also, does everything work on this new firmware? (camera, etc)

  43. My model number is VNS-L31C33B150
    Can i do this installation? Which firmware should i download?

  44. My model number is vns-l21
    And build number- vns-l21c185b150
    Can i do this installation? Which firmware should i download?

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