When we talk about customization Android OS always comes on the top of the list. The freedom of customization ranges from SystemUI to lock screen and RRO layers. However, one thing which many users don’t consider is that most of the customization requires root access.

If the user doesn’t have root, he probably doesn’t have much freedom of choice. This means that the user can only change stuff like wallpapers or use third party launchers or apps to expand its range. But this can lead to significant performance drops and low battery life in some cases.

nstall Fonts on Huawei Devices with EMUI 4.X and EMUI 5.0

Same is the case while changing fonts. Not everyone likes the default font that comes with Android. The user might want to change it according to their own taste or liking. However, doing this without root on some devices can get challenging. Nevertheless, I’m glad to mention that now users can change their fonts without root if they are running EMUI 4.X. As you might have already realized this is for Huawei users only.

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As EMUI 5.0 users must have noticed that the Font Style option is missing under the Display option. There is a way to get it back and the best part is that this does not require root access. Read ahead to find out.

How to Enable Font Style Option on EMUI 5.0

  1. Make sure USB debugging is enabled under the developer options (A quick Google search will tell you how to do this).
  2. Make sure to install the System-Wide ADB drivers (HiSuite drivers are also recommended).
  3. Connect your Huawei device to your PC.
  4. Hold Shift + Right Click» Open command window here.
  5. Type adb devices and hit enter (You will be prompted to accept the RSA key on your phone if doing this for the first time).
  6. Then, type the following command:
    adb shell settings put system hw_hide_font_style false

    and hit Enter.

  7. Finally, reboot your device.

That’s it! Now you will be able to see the Font Style option under the Display menu.

Note- There is a bug in EMUI 5.0 which prevents changing the Font Style. The Font Style will only change if the system language is set to English (UK, US, etc).

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How to Change Fonts on EMUI 4.X

  1. Download your desired font from here.
  2. Open the folder where you downloaded the font.
  3. Then, click on View» Options» Change folder and search options (For Windows users).
  4. Next, under the View tab, uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.
  5. After that, click on Apply and hit OK.
  6. Now, right click on the [zip] file and select Rename.
  7. Next, hover the arrow to the extension part and rename [zip] to [hwt] (Make sure not to alter the . in between).
  8. Then, hit enter (You will be prompted with a pop-up, select Yes to apply the changes).
  9. Connect your Huawei device to PC.
  10. Copy the [hwt] file to the hwthemes folder in your device’s Internal Storage or SD Card.
  11. Navigate to the themes app or Settings» Display.
  12. Select the Font Style option and apply your desired font.

That will do the trick, guys!

Download Custom Fonts for Huawei Devices

  1. EMUI Default Font: Download
  2. Bethany: Download
  3. Chococooky: Download
  4. iPhoneLight: Download
  5. ProductSans: Download
  6. ComicSanse: Download
  7. Marshmallow: Download
  8. Rosemary: Download
  9. BlackJack: Download
  10. CavairDreams: Download
  11. Dancing Scripts: Download
  12. GrandHotel: Download
  13. Helvetica Neue Light: Download
  14. Husser: Download
  15. RabioHead: Download
  16. San Francisco (SF FONT iOS9): Download
  17. SF Cartoonist: Download
  18. Lato: Download
  19. Ubuntu Regular: Download
  20. Ubuntu Light: Download
  21. Roboto Regular: Download
  22. Roboto Condensed: Download
  23. Abel: Download
  24. Cool Jazz: Download
  25. Josefin Sans: Download
  26. MonsterRat: Download
  27. Open Sans Condensed Bold: Download
  28. Open Sans Condensed Light: Download
  29. Raleway: Download
  30. Antonio: Download
  31. Angry Birds: Download
  32. MIUI 8: Download
  33. Sony Sketch: Download
  34. Stonage: Download
  35. Cocon: Download
  36. Klavika: Download
  37. RattleScript BoldCaps: Download
  38. Slato Pro (Blackberry): Download
  39. Sulus: Download
  40. Bow House: Download
  41. Calibri: Download
  42. Comfortaa: Download
  43. Rix Squirrel: Download
  44. Fashion Fetish: Download
  45. Hello Pipi: Download
  46. Hello Pool Needle: Download
  47. Nato (Google Pixel): Download
  48. Cocon Light: Download
  49. Dudu Calligraphy: Download
  50. EMUI 5: Download
  51. Hacen Liner XL: Download
  52. HyTravel: Download
  53. Corporate Rounded: Download
  54. Insomnia: Download
  55. Samsung Sans: Download
  56. Waltography: Download
  57. Angeline: Download
  58. Glegoo: Download
  59. LifeSaver: Download
  60. Kalam: Download

Fonts Preview:

Install Fonts on Huawei Devices

If you have any query or issue related to this post then let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to help.

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  1. Recently I’ve bought Honor 8 phone.
    I’ve installed keyboard app fom market but when I select my language (Serbain) keyboard appears with
    Latin letters instead of Cyrillic letters.

    Same app. version is working fine on Sony Z1 Compact and couple of more Sony’s, so problem
    is Android.
    Missing font but I do not know which one.

    Any help out there?

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