Many of you might be knowing that I am a MIUI theme-maker. Besides, I also translate Chinese MIUI themes to English so that the non-Chinese MIUI ROM users can enjoy those themes without the awkward Chinese on their Android phones. It has just been a few weeks since I replaced my Samsung Galaxy S2 with the Galaxy S3. My first move after getting the new device was to root it and install the latest MIUI ROM from MIUI Android.

As a maker and translator of MIUI themes, I need to optimize, translate, and test each theme before posting it at DroidViews. And for this, I must have MIUI. I, therefore, rooted my S3 and downloaded  the latest build of the MIUI ROM, booted the devices into CWM Recovery and tried to install the ROM. Everything went perfectly till I selected the ROM file and confirmed to install it. I was utterly disappointed, however, when I got error notification at the CWM that went like this:

 — installing : /sdcard/
finding update package…
opining update package…
installing update…
assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “m0” || getprop(“ro.bulid.product”)
== “m0” || getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “galaxy s3” || getprop(“ro.bulid.product”)== “galaxy s3”
E: Error in /sdcard/
(status 7)
installation aborted.

At first I guessed there might be some problem with the file itself. So I extracted the ROM file to ensure that the zip was not corrupted. It was fine. Anyways, I re-downloaded the MIUI ROM, this time from Tried to flash it and again the same error message. Then I downloaded another MIUI ROM version for the Galaxy S3 developed by an individual developer and was able to install it successfully. But I was not happy because it was not based on the latest version of the MIUI ROM, nor was it updated regularly.

Then I Googled to find out a solution, asked at some official forums to tell me a solution. Still no help. One of my friends from XDA who happens to be a MIUI ROM developer, suggested me to remove the following lines found at the beginning of “updater-script” found at this path:> META-INF> com> google> android> updater-script:

 assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "m0" ||
 getprop("") == "m0" || getprop("ro.product.device") == "galaxys3" || getprop("") == "galaxys3");

I followed his instruction as an obedient schoolboy obeys his teacher, hoping that it will finally solve my problem. But nothing good turned out of the toil and I got the same error.

Quite desperate to install MIUI on my SGS3, I tried to update the CWM Recovery via ROM Manager app and tried different versions. Finally, having scorched my head for hours, I decided to re-root my phone. I did that and tried once more to install MIUI. To my surprise, I got success in the job. I, therefore, thought of sharing this tip with all other fellow SGS3 owners who are getting the same error while installing MIUI on their phones.

Read the following tutorial and root your Samsung Galaxy S3 using the steps given over there. I hope it will help you resolve the ROM installation error message: How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3


You might be using a different phone from a different manufacturer but the solution applies to you too. And that is, update your custom recovery, preferably install the latest one and try to install the ROM again. It should install without giving any error.


  1. HEY Rakesh i got exact ditto issue you mentioned above and by gods grace your this solution >>>>”I decided to re-root my phone. I did that and tried once more to install MIUI. To my surprise, I got success in the job.”<<<<
    really was a miracle…. for a moment i was like forget miui then ur solution saved my day … thanks alot

  2. Here you go: This is caused by the activation of root permission in your miui. Go to recovery>advanced>fix permission, and you are free to install the OTA zip.

  3. In my case it was not the touch recovery at the first attempt. At the second, it was. Then I tried with other versions too. Finally got the cwm recovery from Chainfire’s site, flashed it and it was fixed.

  4. You can’t flash miui with touch recovery. With older cwm recovery there us no problem. You can have older cwm or newer example by flashing foxhound’s rom which uses aroma installer, which let you choose to flash old or new recovery.

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