If you are using the internet a lot, you probably have an email address. This address could be more or less active depending on your daily activity or line of work maybe, so not everyone will be using their email equally. However, one thing is for sure: When they do use it, people want to be able to use it quick and painless, preferably on the go.

This is where mobile email comes in. There are multiple solutions for managing your email account directly from your mobile device and today we’ll be looking at some of the best you can get. You might recognize some of them while others might be completely new to you. Regardless, don’t hesitate to try out something new and see what fits your style more.


Gmail is the go-to email service on any platform it is available on. Google’s default email application provides all the necessary utilities you might need when trying to read and manage your emails. It offers a clean interface and an overview of all your accounts.


If you’re looking for something more secure, you might be interested in this one. This email service is based in Switzerland and security is one of its main strengths. Switzerland’s views and laws in terms of data security are very rigorous, so you can rely on ProtonMail to deliver an ecrypted end-to-end service. Since its inception, ProtonMail has grown a lot, and is now a very competent email solution for on-the-go, secure mailing.


This is another top solution, this time from Microsoft. With Outlook, you can do more than just manage your email and that is managing your entire account list. You can link up all of you email accounts in one central hub and make all the executive decisions regarding each of them from one friendly interface. Outlook has been a top email solution for desktop PCs for a very long time, before Gmail even existed, so it picked up a few useful tricks along the way.

Regardless what you end up choosing, you definitely have a choice and there’s not clear singular option. You can roll any way you want depending on your preferences and which better caters to your needs, so you can just try them all and see which fits you better.

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