Internet connectivity has now become an essential part of our gadgets. Just imagine a computer, tablet or smartphone without data connection! Most people in the world who own a smartphone also own a computer. There are millions of users who have a variety of gadgets that require data network. We can have, for example, a computer, a laptop, more that one smartphones and so on. One can depend on a wired broadband connection for desktop computers, but we cannot carry our computer and WiFi router everywhere or let’s say, anywhere. That’s why, when it comes to portable devices, a wireless data connectivity solution is definitely the best thing.

If you use a laptop, or own many smartphones, you can share the data of one device on all by using WiFi tethering feature. While this feature is found on all WiFi-enabled Android devices, there are some countries where this option does not work without root access. If you own the US or Canadian variant of the Galaxy S4 or Note 3 from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Bell, Rogers, Telus, etc., we are sharing a little tip that lets you use WiFi tethering without having to root your device. Just follow the steps below to make your turn your Galaxy or any other Android device into a WiFi Hotspot.

  1. Open Settings> More Settings> Mobile Hotspot on your phone.
  2. Select Mobile Hotspot but do not turn it on.
  3. Tap on Configure and set your hotspot settings.
  4. Now go to Google Play Store and download the Hotspot app:
    Sorry, this app is not available!
  5. The app will add a widget in your phone’s widget drawer. Add the widget to your homescreen.
  6. Now turn the toggle widget on.
  7. Press the Home button to cancel if you see any popup window.
  8. Done!

You can now enjoy WiFi tethering on your device. The given method also works with Foxfi. When you get the subscription notification, just click Home button and enjoy tethering.

App to Enjoy WiFi Tethering without Root:

If you have no root access on your Android device and wish to enjoy WiFi tethering, the Google Play Store has a very useful app for the purpose. You can install the FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root) app:

FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root) Price: Free

Update for Verizon Galaxy S4 (Android 4.3):

Please note that with the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean updating coming to Galaxy S4, the tethering method given above no longer works now as it has been licked by the carrier. However, you can still unlock and start enjoy tethering on VRUEMJ7 (Android 4.3) if you have root access on your Verizon Galaxy device. Make sure to follow the steps carefully and correctly.

  1. Download the following zip file corresponding to your firmware build version and unzip it:
  2. Copy the extracted folder to the external SD card of your phone. Make sure the path of the file is as follows: /mnt/extSdCard/MJ7_tether_unlock/
  3. Download the Terminal Emulator app from the market: 
    Terminal Emulator for Android Price: Free
  4. Launch Terminal Emulator, grant it root permission when prompted.
  5. Now type the following command in the terminal box. If you have downloaded the MK2 version, type MJ7_tether_unlock instead:
    cd /mnt/extSdCard/MJ7_tether_unlock/
  6. Doing this will replace your phone’s stock framework with the modified one and thus tethering will be unlocked.
  7. Your Galaxy S4 will reboot automatically and when it boots up, you will be ready to tether away.

Please note that after following the steps given above, you’ll have a backup of the original framework-res.apk. You can find the backup file in the following path on your Galaxy S4: /mnt/extSdCard/MJ7_tether_unlock/orig-framework-res.apk. In case you later decide to restore back the original file, run the following command in Terminal Emulator app:

 cd /mnt/extSdCard/MJ7_tether_unlock/

Enjoy tethering on your Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 and do not forget to share with us how it works for you. Cheers!



  1. Make sure you have the latest foxfi version. Make sure you enable cert. Test your connection on more than just ps3 to rule out issues. They just released a new version that even works for non root note 4. Nice..

  2. How did you get foxfi to work on your note 2 I have note 3 and it’s not hooking up with my ps3

  3. Exactly same thing I get!!!! I’ve tried both “MJ7” and “MK2” same error. This doesn’t work.

  4. I just noticed I was typing in ExtSdCard instead of extSdCard…. apparently file paths are case sensitive. Good to go now, thank you

  5. I am getting “bad substitution” when I enter the command. I am rooted on an MK2 build. Any ideas?

  6. I was scared to update to MK2 because I didn’t want to lose this feature but I can verify it works. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for this! Worked like a charm on my rooted VZW S4 (MK2 build). It toggles on the built in Hotspot, but there is no subscription check.

  8. I tried the Trevmod 3.2 beta2 you posted it did not work. It errors when i try to enable. Error log is blank though.
    I used a newer Trevmod 3.3 beta3 that i had used on ics it worked then on ics but not on 4.3 same error starting.

    I dont have a custom recovery to flash sorry OTA stock.

  9. Root access only! Stock OTA NO Unlocked Bootloader so no recovery due to using Stock OTA not custom rom 4.3.

  10. Just found something that might of help to you.

    Install this app:

    Then open the app and set it up like this:

    Device Profile: Generic ICS/JB (wlan0)
    Setup Method: Netd-NDC (master)
    Send Netd Max Client Cmd: Check
    Wifi-driver reload: Check
    Wifi-driver reload 2: Check
    Keep Alive – Connection Checking: Check
    Routing fix: Check.

    See if it works. It’s an old trick that worked on Android 4.1.2.

  11. Okay I stopped I did not try the framework on the note 2. Does anyone have a modified framework for the note 2 4.3 update? RAKESH CAN YOU HELP TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN?

  12. Thanks for replying I’ll try it. But is there a good way to Create a backup of the original framework to restore if something goes wrong or does not work?

  13. varonxboogie  That’s sad. 🙁 Anyway, download this ROM AND INSTALL IT USING twrp:

    This is Synergy ROM and it has inbuilt supports for WiFi tethering too.

  14. My phone is bricked when I flashed this file. I didn’t back up. How do I unbrick my phone using twrp?

  15. Well, I just meant that since the files of the provided package are meant to be executed through commands, their location should be correspond to one specified in the command line.

  16. Also would it add a wifi tether apk? I have two apks that didnt work after my stock update…should i delete them?

  17. Thank you so much so responding so quickly. I have another question before I do all this. I flashed MD4 Deodexed but I don’t know what that was suppose to do. Do you have any idea? When I looked back in the download file with my es root explorer, it was no longer there anymore.
    And what do you mean I need to be particular about the location of the file? Does that mean I just have to copy exactly what I see in the picture?

  18. varonxboogie  You can do it on your device too. Use this app to unzip:

    You just need to be particular about the path/location of the files as directed above.

  19. Can I unzip this file on my phone or do I need a computer? Also I lost root when I updated to Android 4.3 stock. I rooted my phone again. I also have twrp. My phone is a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 stock root. Should I download this to have wifi tether to work again? Also the fact that I’m rooted, does that mean I have to choose a rom or do I already have a rom? I’m not sure. All I know is that I’m rooted and verified it with root checker.

  20. When you launch any root app, you;ll be prompted if you want to allow root access to that app. Select Yes when it asks.

    Do you have root on your phone?

  21. Didn’t work for me. Followed the post, phone rebooted, didn’t work. Verizon gs4 on 4.3 rooted.

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