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Rolo is a contact manager for professionals

Manage Your Contacts Professionally with Rolo

In this day and age, many of us are more concerned about the hardware on our mobile devices than the software. Mainly because software features are pretty much the same across the board except...
How To Replicate Google Dialer's Floating Bubble On Any Dialer App

How to Replicate Google Dialer’s Floating Bubble on Any Dialer App

Google Dialer, if you somehow didn't know, is the default dialer app on Nexus and Pixel devices. It is a modification of the stock AOSP dialer, with some extra features added by Google. The...

Dark-Themed App Replacements for Stock Apps on Your Android

Even though we love the bright and colorful new Material Design from Google, some of us prefer a user interface which is darker and hence, easier on the eyes. Not to mention quite battery...

6 Best Contacts and Dialer Replacement Apps for Android

Even though we look for camera specs and RAM while choosing our smartphones, spend hours and hours on Facebook and instant messaging apps, watch viral videos and listen to awesome songs; the primary function...

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