Spotify and Foursquare both announced that they’re adding new functionality to their Android Wear apps through upcoming updates.

Previously you were able to play and pause music on your android wear in Spotify and through the upcoming update Spotify wants to provide you with the ability to browse and select songs on your smartwatch without pulling out the phone from your pocket. Spotify will roll out this update in June.

Meanwhile, Foursquare has also announced that it will be releasing a new feature that will let you quickly search for and read reviews of nearby locations right from your wrist.

Foursquare also reported that their another app, Swarm that lets you easily see who’s out nearby and who wants to hangout later, will also be soon arriving on android wear.

These massive updates from two giant services is a great news for the android wear. With great services like these arriving on the smartwatch platform, there is no doubt that these small gadgets are going to be a big thing in the near future.

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