Personally, I am a hard-core fan of HTC devices and love its Sense UI which I find be the best of all other UI’s on Android devices. Every user interface, however good it might be does have some or other drawback. It was for the first time since I got my One M8 that I felt something awkward. Believe me, it took me about ten minutes to figure out the solution to my issue. Today I flashed the LG G3 Keyboard port on the device and was trying to set the newly installed keyboard as my default input method.

Quite naturally, I went to Settings> Language & keyboard option to select the LG G3 keyboard. The keyboard was listed there but there was no way to select it. It felt shocking. How could an OEM like HTC forget to provide an option available on all Android devices? After groping for a few minutes, I accidentally found that option, but where? It was on the notification panel screen. Sounds funny, but it is like that on all HTC phones, even on the older HTC One.

Thinking that other people might also be facing the same situation, I decided to write about the tip on how to set default keyboard app on HTC One M8 and other HTC devices. I just hope it helps other noobs like me.

Set Default Keyboard App on HTC

Having installed a third-party keyboard app, here’s how you can set your desired keyboard as your default keyboard app on HTC devices.

  1. Open any app that uses the keyboard and launch it.
  2. When the keyboard is open, you will a keyboard icon on your device’s status bar.
  3. Pull down the notification panel and tap Choose input method.Set-Default-Keyboard-App-on-HTC
  4. You’ll then see a popup window with the list of keyboards available on your device. Just select the keyboard you want to use.

Done! You have successfully set your default keyboard on your HTC phone.

How to Change Keyboard Type on HTC Devices

If you are using the HTC Sense keyboard on your phone, you can change the keyboard type very easily.

  1. Open Settings> Language & keyboard
  2. Tap HTC Sense Input
  3. Then select Keyboard selection
  4. Tap Keyboard types
  5. You’ll now be able to select from the following keyboard types:
    • Standard (QWERTY)
    • Standard (AZERTY)
    • Standard (QWERTZ)
    • Phone

Just select the keyboard of your choice and you’ll be good to go. 🙂

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