Samsung Galaxy S8 is a much-anticipated device that many have been speculating about for a very long time. It seems however that fans of the Galaxy S series finally have something to look forward to as Samsung confirms the handset. A confirmation was needed because Samsung has been keeping everything under such tight wraps that not even the existence of the Galaxy S7 follow-up was a certainty.

Now the cat’s finally out of the bag and we know for a fact that the next installment in the Galaxy series is going to be called Galaxy S8. The name isn’t the only thing that has been uncovered. According to the latest leaks, we now have a clear look at what is believed to be the Galaxy S8. The device is no doubt presenting some noticeable changes to the overall appearance, which are bound to refresh the line.

While the handset itself isn’t extremely large, the display has been boosted in size thanks to the implementation of minimal size bezels on both top and bottom.  This allows Samsung to keep the device size to reasonable parameters while increasing the screen size. Another pretty important change is the fact that the Galaxy S8 appears to be coming with a curved display. While it’s cool that the new Samsung flagship will have a curved display, it makes the whole point of having an “Edge” model kind of obsolete. And yes, there is also a Galaxy S8 Edge model, just like last year’s release featured an Edge model.

However, the S7 model didn’t come with a curved display so in that instance an Edge counterpart made perfect sense. We will have to wait and see if Samsung would be implementing some kind of “extra Edge” design into its phones.

Since we are talking about a very large display, Samsung might be going for an even “curvier” approach for the Edge model. The release date being closer and closer each day, it’s only a matter of time before we get to check out what Samsung has prepared for us this year. People that have seen the leaks claim that S8 will be Samsung’s most ambitious project yet (at least from a design perspective).

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