Samsung Galaxy S8 is the next chapter in the Korean manufacturer’s journey. Coming as the direct successor of last year’s Galaxy S7, S8 promises to bring even more features and reasons to upgrade. There is still a lot of time left before we actually get to play around with the new handset, as rumors have it that Samsung will be releasing the device in April. However, through the power of the internet we are able to pick up speculations and hints about certain aspects of the device.

So far, we know that the device will be coming out in April and that the company is looking to emphasize more on its S Health application. Allegedly, WebMD and similar services will be baked into the app and come as a package for Galaxy S8 buyers. There are also rumors revolving around the front panel camera that will be arriving with the handset and what it brings to the table.

The newest Galaxy S front facing camera is promised to come with a high list of features, which includes hosting an iris scanner. While rear camera autofocus is nothing new, Samsung is looking to add the feature to the front side as well, making the device that much better. The first time we saw Samsung implementing an iris scanner onto one of its devices, it was very unfortunate that it was Note 7. Surely you are familiar with the story of how Note 7 came and went, but the iris scanner had nothing to do with that. Now we will have a chance to properly have and use the feature which will be available for S8.

It is believed that the regular Samsung Galaxy S8 will be arriving with a screen size of 5.7 inches. Those that go for the Plus version however, will receive a considerably larger display which measures 6.3 inches. Needless to say, with that kind of real estate at your disposal, you will probably be able to take some really nice shots with the new and improved selfie camera and make the best of them with the aforementioned display.

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