The arrival of Android Nougat on Samsung Galaxy S7 devices was something a lot of people were waiting for, since we are talking about the latest Android OS build and what is considered the best device of 2016. However, this process proved to be more time consuming than many would have wish it to be. Only now do we have the opportunity to check out the latest Android Nougat features on the Galaxy S7.

Actually, the process of rolling out Nougat to Galaxy S7 units started a week ago. However, only beta participants had the opportunity of getting the latest Google OS version onto their devices right away. The rest of the S7 user community had to wait. Wait until when? Until right now, it seems, as Android Nougat rollouts have gone public. This means that every S7 device is now in queue to receive the firmware, and thus tapping into its true potential.

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The blame can’t fall on Google for the extensively long period of time users had to wait between the Nougat release and the S7 Nougat rollout. Samsung is known for taking its sweet time when it comes to delivering software updates to its users, and Android Nougat was no different. Samsung has thrown the OS through multiple beta phases and had extensive tests for all of the firmware’s features.

The end result, we must say, is very pleasing. After actually updating the device, it will become immediately understandable why Samsung took so much time. The build really gives off the impression that a lot of time and effort have been put into it and that Samsung is looking to offer users an enhanced experience and definitely a better one compared to Marshmallow. Many had complained that Samsung’s version of Android Marshmallow lacked in the user experience department.

If you’re looking for changes and to see exactly what changes between Marshmallow and Nougat as far as Samsung’s iteration is concerned, you’re going to have a long list to scroll through. Some changes are immediately visible while others not so much, but they’re still there. Overall, Samsung did a great job and the fruit of their labor should be coming your way very soon if you own a Galaxy S7.

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