When Samsung launched the first device of its Galaxy Note line, many people doubted its success due to its “ridiculously big” display. Well, the Korean OEM proved all negative speculations wrong and established a new kind of device (known as a phablet) in the market. The company has now released the fourth generation of the Galaxy Note with a huge QHD screen and the most advanced version of the S-Pen.

As you know, it’s impossible to make the most of an Android device without root access. Fortunately, the users of the Galaxy Note 4 did not have to wait for a working root method. Well-known root-god, Chainfire, released his CF-Auto-Root package for almost all Galaxy Note 4 variants just about a week ago. However, due to locked bootloaders, the AT&T and Verizon models of the Note 4 have not yet received a root method. We can only hope that someone finds a root exploit soon!

Anyway, if you own the recently released Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition (SM-N910V), you do not need to wait to gain root access on your device. Actually, the developer edition comes with an unlocked bootloader and so, it’s easy to root it using Chainfire’s CF-Auto-Root.

If you have opted for the developer edition of the Galaxy Note 4 from Verizon, it simply means that you like to enjoy system tweaks and customization Android is capable of. By rooting your Note 4 and installing a custom recovery afterward, you will be able to play with root apps, modify system files and flash custom ROMs and mods. Just download the CF-Root package cooked for your device and install it using Odin to get root access.


The root procedure described below is considered risky as it does not only void warranty but also put your Note 4 at risk of soft-bricking. In case of a soft-brick, you can restore your device by flashing stock firmware via Odin. If you make your mind to proceed with rooting, do it at your own responsibility.

Download CF-Root for Verizon Note 4 SM-N910V


Root Verizon Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910V

Having downloaded the CF-Auto-Root zip file from above, extract it to your desktop and follow the detailed steps described in our tutorial → Click Here

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  1. Yes that is unfortunately what I feared. You should edit your comment to Frank Schlesser “If you have SM-N910V, it’s the Verizon S5 Developer edition, no matter where did you get it from!” to reflect your updated information. Would have saved me some time. Thanks anyways.

  2. No I am not sure whether or not it is the developer edition. I didn’t specify when buying and I bought from verizon not samsung. My model number is definitely SM-N910V though.

  3. Hi, the guide is based on Chainfire’s confirmation on his G+ page. AS you see the file name (CF-Auto-Root-trltevzw-trltevzw-smn910v.zip), the model number of the dev edition is mentioned as “smn910v”.

    Are you sure, yours is the developer edition?

  4. Hi @Rakesh, this method doesn’t work for me and my phones model number says SM-N910V. are you sure SM-N910V is indicative of the developer version. I believe you are mistaken. The retail version I think is SM-N910VZKEVZW and the developer version is

  5. I want to make sure that I have the developer edition I have that model number but didn’t order it through Samsung I got it through Verizon don’t want to brick a brand new phone

  6. Please verify Xposed Framework functionality additionally Xprivacy Pro, UnbelovedHosts, BootManager, ReceiverStop, ProtectedApps, LuckyPatcher [ad sanitizing], AdAway

  7. right and how can one root with odin or install custom recovery for an OSX workstation _without_ a windows license? (piracy is obviously not an acceptable option)

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