When we heard that the Moto X would be the first smartphone from Google owned Motorola, we thought the Mountain View based giant would come up with something wonderful that would dazzle our eyes and pose a challenge to devices like Galaxy S4 and HTC One. When the phones was launched, we’re surprised as it featured outdated specifications to some extent. However, it still managed to draw the attention of users and win their love.

If you have bought a brand new Moto X and are looking for a way to get root access on it, it is probably the best time to do so. Actually, root access was achieved on the device just a few days after its release but the method required unlocked bootloader. Another root exploit for the Moto X was forwarded by XDA member jcase that involved installing an app called MotoRoot, but it also demanded unlocked bootloader.

Now, there is yet a newer exploit is available, again from jcase, that is a little complicated for new users to follow but it can give you root privileges on your Moto X with a locked bootloader. jcase has successfully devised a way to bypass locked status by taking advantage of some of the phone’s vulnerabilities. Below, we shall take a look at both the rooting exploits for Moto X by jcase.


jcase’s root exploit is compatible with the following network carriers-

  • Verizon Moto X
  • AT&T Moto X
  • Sprint Moto X
  • US Cellular Moto X
  • Rogers Moto X


Download and install Android SDK/Android Studio on your computer. If you are new to Android and are not acquainted with ADB Shell commands, do not forget to go through our detailed article on the topic.

Moto X Root Exploit (Unlocked Bootloader):

  1. Make sure your device has unlocked bootloader before proceeding.
  2. Download the correct version of MotoRoot app depending on your carrier: Click Here to Download
  3. Download the ADB and Fastboot files and extract the zip: Android SDK Fastboot-ADB.zip
  4. Make sure you have set up ADB on your computer. It’s time to install/push the MotoRoot app to your device.
  5. Copy the downloaded MotoRoot.apk file to the “Android SDK Fastboot-ADB” folder.
  6. Open this folder and launch command prompt from inside the folder. If you have a Windows PC, press the Shift button followed by a  right click on mouse. From the list of options, select “Open command prompt here”.
  7. Now type the following command in the cmd window (replace the apk name in red with that of the one you have downloaded) and hit the Enter key.
    adb install -r MotoRoot1.1-Verizon.apk
  8. See this screenshot for a clear idea:installing-motoroot-via-adb
  9. The MotoRoot app will now be installed on your Moto X.
  10. Open the app on your phone and tap on Setup button.motoroot-exploit-for-moto-x
  11. Wait till your device reboots.
  12. Now download and install the SuperSU app from the Play Store.

Done! You should now have root access on your Moto X. Enjoy!

 Warning: Do not uninstall the MotoRoot app or you will lose the root access.

Moto X Root Exploit (Locked Bootloader):

Now here is jcase’s latest root exploit for the Moto X. It does not require an unlocked bootloader to work. The method works with all Moto X variants mentioned in compatibility list above. The method is pretty much the same as described above.

  1. Download the appropriate PwnMyMoto apk file from the official thread.
  2. Download ADB-Fastboot files and extract the zip: Android SDK Fastboot-ADB.zip
  3.  Copy the downloaded apk to the Fastboot-ADB folder.
  4. Launch a command prompt and issue the following command with the name of the apk you downloaded (replace the red part with the name of your apk:
     adb install -r PwnMyMoto PwnMyMoto-1.1-Verizon.apk
  5. Now hit the Enter key.
  6. The exploit apk will be installed to your phone.
  7. Run the PwnMyMoto app.
  8. Your phone will reboot for 2-3 times, so be patient till it finally boots. Since the exploit works on 3 vulnerabilities to bypass bootloader and gain root, it reboots several times.
  9. After the last reboot PwnMyMoto will uninstall itself automatically.
  10. Now download and install SuperSU app.

Enjoy your rooted Moto X! Since a working custom recovery is not available yet, you’ll have to satisfied with just root access. However, we are pretty sure that it will not take long time for CWM/TWRP to hit the device, and when it does, we’ll be update the tutorial.


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