If you were successful installing the Marshmallow build on Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F), you can now root it as well. If you are unaware of the Beta testing program of Marshmallow for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, read the article linked below. This guide will help you rooting the freshly installed Android M build on your Galaxy S6.

Thanks to Xda dev arter97, you can root beta builds of Android M on Galaxy S6.  Arter97 is a Recognized Xda developer and has contributed much for latest Samsung devices (Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus).

This guide will only work for Galaxy S6 with the model number SM-G920F. If you have the Edge variant or device with different model number, do not proceed with this guide. Also you won’t be able to receive future updates to beta builds of Android Marshmallow after rooting your device. You will have to install the stock build again and will have to go through the entire process shown in the linked article to receive the beta builds of Android Marshmallow.

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WARNING: Proceed at your own risks, any harm to your device will be your responsibility.

Things You Will Need

Root Beta Android Marshmallow Build on Galaxy S6

  1. Perform the steps necessary to upgrade your G920F to beta-testing Android M firmware. Read the article linked above.
  2. Download [BETA]SuperSU 2.64 zip file onto your phone from the link given above.
  3. Download ODIN and the necessary tar files on your computer from the links given above.
  4. Put your device into download mode(ODIN mode) and connect your device to your PC.
  5. Start ODIN and make sure ODIN has detected your device.
  6. Now make sure “Auto-reboot” is unchecked from ODIN’s options menu.
  7. Select ‘oldsboot.tar‘ in the AP tab of ODIN, then click Start to install it on your device.
  8. Now hold down <Volume down> + <Power button> + <Home button> for more than 5 seconds to re-enter download mode.
  9. Make sure “Auto-reboot” is unchecked from ODIN’s options menu.
  10. Install PhilZ Touch recovery(tar format), to do so click on the AP button to browse the file and then click the Start button.
  11. Now hold down <Volume down> + <Power button> for few seconds until the screen goes black.
  12. Then hold down <Volume up> + <Power button> + <Home button> right after the screen goes black. Hold it until PhilZ Touch recovery pops up.
  13. Once in the Philz Recovery select Install zip and browse for the downloaded ‘SuperSU 2.64 zip’ file, then confirm to install it on your device.
  14. After installation is finished, select “Reboot system”.
  15. Do not select “Yes – root” option, if PhilZ Touch recovery asks you to root your device.
  16. Right after the screen goes black, hold down <Volume down> + <Power button> + <Home button> for 5+ seconds and re-enter download mode.
  17. Now make sure “Auto-reboot” is checked from ODIN’s options menu.
  18. Install ‘newsboot.tar‘,to do so click on the AP button to browse the file and then click the Start button.
  19. During the first boot-up after installing SuperSU, your device will reboot once.
  20. Done!

Enjoy root on the beta build of Android Marshmallow, which was recently released for Galaxy S6. Let us know any troubles you face in the installation procedure in the comments section below. Also let us know how is Marshmallow build of TouchWiz working for you.

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