ParanoidAndroid is undoubtedly one of the Best Custom ROMs available for any device. Today, we are going to be a little specific and talk about its support on the Nexus 4, which is being developed and maintained by the well known developer molesarecoming.

About ParanoidAndroid ROM

ParanoidAndroid has a long history since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4, when it first bought the concept of Hybrid mode, then followed Jellybean bringing in unique features like Pie and Halo. Its time now when the era of Android KitKat 4.4 has begun, PA already did its job bringing in the major work and released the first series of 4.0 builds during the fall of 2013. With the passage of time, PA has now reached to 4.2 builds based on the latest KitKat 4.4.2 source code which are available for download for all the supported Nexus devices including the Galaxy Nexus. It now follows weekly releases which are made every Monday. Done with the information, lets head up to the features now.


  • Notification Peek: The latest feature introduced, which has again an innovative idea behind it. A collaborated job of Proximity and Gyroscope sensor for notifications.
  • Dual QS Tiles: Another concept initiated by the team, tiles now offer dual behaviour. Dual tiles include Wifi, Network, Bluetooth, Location, Sleep mode, Sound etc.
  • QS Tiles 3.0: Edit tiles directly from the pulldown menu
  • Volume and Sound tweaks: Volume buttons wake, Ascending ringtone, Link ringtone and notifications volumes, Enable/disable sounds when adjusting volume
  • Custom battery icon: Use battery bar, circle or circle with percent
  • Lockscreen wallpaper and blur: Set different wallpaper for lockscreen and blur the current screen behind the lockscreen
  • Notification LED: Manage LED properties on notification recieval
  • App privacy: Google App Ops are now back on KitKat
  • Pie control and Immersive mode: Go fullscreen with Immersive mode, Pie gets activated along.
  • Root: Offers built-in root via Chainfire’s SuperSU
  • Quick Unlock and Maximize widgets: Enter correct PIN to unlock directly and maximize lockscreen widgets by default
  • ParanoidOTA: Native OTA app for ROM, GApps and changelogs.
  • Lightbulb: PA’s torch App


paranoidandroid-screenshot-1 paranoidandroid-screenshot-2

Full of features it is, while the stage is being stabilized more and more features are being added. Also Halo is claimed to get back soon in a whole new avatar. Users at the XDA thread are happier than ever and have pinned ParanoidAndroid to be very stable and a daily use driver. Talking about Custom Kernels, we have already tested a few and came out with Franco.Kernel to be acting out as the best, while you can also use any of your favorites making sure it is based on AOSP source and NOT CM.

If you own a Nexus 4, you should give this ROM a try which is fully loaded with features, stability and performance. If you have tackled any bugs, submit them here at the official bug tracker. Detailed Changelog and features explanation could be found here. Also, visit the new PA website and Google+ page for updated news.

Download ROM and GApps

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