CodeNameAndroid 3.1.0 Is Back With Jelly Bean Taste

Now, CNA updated itself to a new stable version i.e 3.4.0. If you are interested in the features being provided by CNA, then please visit the link mentioned above (link to the earlier post).

Codename Android 3.4.0 Adds to the following changes:

Additions- New addition of features made into the ROM

  • New Codename(Android) Wallpapers!!! (Only available on Galaxy Nexus for now – Codenamedroid, LordGarlicBread)
  • Navigation Bar: Custom NavBar Ring Targets (Team Eos, modified by Codenamedroid)
  • Navigation Bar: Custom Navbar color (Team Eos, modified by Codenamedroid)
  • Lockscreen: Up to Eight Configurable Lockscreen Targets (Codenamedroid)
  • Lockscreen: Added Optional Centered Lockscreen Layout (Codenamedroid)
  • Performance: Added I/O scheduler (Marcle Bokhorst)
  • DeskClock: you can now set an alarm to switch your profile (jorge ruesga)
  • Phone: Added advanced phone settings (optional vib on outgoing or incoming call or every 45 seconds – CM)
  • Phone: Added the option for settings the devices phone number (Pawit)
  • Phone: option for national data roaming (Rdlgrmpf, LorD ClockaN)
  • Mms: Added the ability to display a pop-up QuickMessage when an Sms message is received (DvTonder)
  • Mms: Added Emoji patch from CM MMS app (Robert Burns)
  • Settings: Added option to disable volume adjustment sound (Settings -> Sound – StevenHarper)
  • Settings: Added NFC poling (sethyx)
  • Settings: Updated CNA about (Added contributors and youtube)

General Changes

  • added HSPA+ support (shows H+ icon on status bar when connected to hspa+ – Bajee11)
  • the lock screen weather will now automatically stay up to date (Daniel Bateman)
  • Updated the SuperSu app

Fixes] (Bugs and issues fixed as from previous versions)

  • Removed AVRCP (breaks Bluetooth audio for some music apps – will revisit)
  • Removed Facebook contact support (causes issue)
  • Lockscreen volume controls no longer raise volume when skipping a track
  • No longer shows WiMax option in the power widget settings if not supported
  • Fixed issue with voice search icon being press-able when the search bar has been removed from the launcher
  • Replaced pixelated xhdpi emoticons in the MMS
  • Code for the powerwidget autorotate button has been cleaned up
  • Fixes and improvements to volume settings
  • Re-add picotts

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