Android OS is used in most of the smartphones and computer tablets. Since 2013, Android has been the best selling operating system on tablets and smartphones. In September 2015, 1.4 billion smartphones were powered by Android OS and this figure has been increasing ever since.

Along with Android OS, the another thing which is on a high is Malware. The unfortunate truth is Malware is out to get control of your smartphone. Now, the question which arises is how Malware get on an Android device since most of the users download apps through Google Play Store and Google also releases a security patch almost every one-two months. The answer is that Malware squeezes in through some suspicious apps that have made their way to Play Store. Another way through which Malware gets in is by installing cracked apps.

After reading this you may be worried about whether your Android device has Malware or not? Below are some signs through which you can identify the presence of a Malware on an Android device.

  1. Poor Device Performance: If your device is old and is experiencing a slow down, and a reboot doesn’t work then Malware might be behind this.
  2. Strange Spikes in Data Usage. The function of a Malware is to collect user’s personal information like account details, card number, passwords etc. After collecting the information, it will be transferred to the owner of Malware which will result in high data usage. So, if you note a recent unaccounted data usage, then Malware might be behind this.
  3. Dip in Battery life: Malware generally run in the background thus causing a dip in the battery life. So if you notice a recent low in your battery life, then Malware is behind it.

Now if you can relate to these points, then most probably Malware has affected your device. So, here’s how to protect your Android device from Malware.

Protect Your Android Device From Malware

Download Apps from Legitimate App Stores

When downloading apps, make sure you download it from legitimate app stores like Play Store, Amazon, Samsung etc. since these App stores are regularly monitors and scanned.

Software Updates

Make sure that you install a software update as soon as it arrives for your device. The latest software updates have enhancements, bug fixes, and features which make your device secure. To check whether there is a software update for your device, head to Settings-> About Phone-> System Update.

Antivirus App

Use an antivirus app on your Android smartphone to protect your device from viruses and Malware. Some antivirus apps are available on Play Store for free of cost and provide great features like anti-theft protection, safe web browsing, remote Wiping etc. Some of the best Android apps available are Avast, AVC, Kaspersky, Lookout, and TrustGo.

Google Security Features

All the device running Android 2.2 or higher has Google’s Malware scanners. It scans every app which you download outside the Play Store and warns you of any threats. This feature is enabled by default on your device and can be accessed from Google Settings App.

This was our guide on how to protect your Android Device from Malware. If you know any other method to protect your device besides the above-stated methods, then share it with us by dropping down a comment below.

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