Although MUI 7 has been  released a couple of week ago, developers have already ported this exquisite ROM to numerous devices. The number counts to 69 to be precise -as its maker officially state. Two weeks ago Xiaomi has officially released its two versions of MIUI ROMS viz, the China ROM and the Global ROM. Now, the ROM has been been developed for many other third party devices in the market.

MIUI developers have listed the devices for which the MIUI 7 ROMS have been built. It consists of devices from Google which include the Google Nexus 5, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4. This also supports many devices from Samsung like Galaxy Note 3 and S4 and lots more.

The support to LG G2, G Pro and G3 etc have also been added. Moreover, a number of Sony handsets and HTC handsets have received the builds which include many handsets from the Sony Xperia Z series along with HTC One M8, X and Desire 816. Support for devices from many other manufacturers have be added like the OnePlus One, along with a selection of smartphones from Huawei, OPPO and ZTE etc.

These MIUI ROMS can be developed using a MIUI patchrom which is readily made available to the developers by the manufacturer. Using MIUI patchrom, developers can develop ROMS for their devices. Moreover, MIUI developers themselves have made efforts to develop ROMS for devices from other manufacturers.

Xiaomi have also updated the MIUI patchrom tool, and released it last Thursday. You can find its source and all related data here.  After the release of the Patchrom tool, MIUI China Forum Porting team members have ported  MIUI 7 to as many as 69 3rd party devices. However, the ported ROMS are still in beta stages and users may expect bugs and stability issues. Hence, MIUI developers have already warned about flashing these ROMS on other devices as they have not been tested yet. If you would like to find MIUI support for your device and test the MIUI 7 ROM on your device, then look for it on the Official MIUI Website.

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