So, Google has been quite active in the Indian Subcontinent in the past couple of months, Giving the Play Store a new surge of adrenaline, so whats more to come ? We have Play Books, which gives instant access to thousands of books at surprisingly affordable prices, We have Play Movies, which also enables a new ways to see movies, but who are we kidding ? all we have been waiting for was the ‘Play Devices’ to come to our populous land, and its here ! Not fully, but more to come soon !

If you have been paying attention though, Google’s behavior towards India has changed drastically recently, A year back, Indian Developers couldn’t even publish paid apps on the play store, or rather the Android Market, Nexus devices were never available in India, and it never got all of the Google-awesomeness that, say for example, the US got. But all that has changed, as we receive more and more of Google love. Seems Google has finally recognized India’s potential, eh ?

What has changed, are these things:

  • Indian Developers allowed paid apps
  • More of Google events !
  • Google’s localisation and personalization  especially for Indian shores.
  • Play Books !
  • Play Movies !
  • Play Devices ! – Only Nexus 7 yet.

But Wait up ! This is just the start ! Here’s what more is to come:

  • More Play Devices – Nexus 4 , Nexus 10 !
  • Play Music – Finally you can upload your music and access it from anywhere !
  • Google wallet ! NFC anyone ?
  • Google VoIP  and calls

But We don’t expect all of this to happen very soon, but it will. What we do expect to come soon , very soon, is the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. And our inside sources suggest that this is coming soon and Google is working hard to bring it to us. Its just a game of ‘wait and watch’ from now on ! Let us hope and pray that we enjoy the pleasure of a low cost Super phone soon enough. After all, a Nexus is a Nexus.

Tell us what you think! Did we miss anything ? Let us know in the Comments !

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