The ParanoidAndroid ROM has always been known for its uniqueness of blending the phone and tablet layout as one whole and personalized coloring capability for certain aspects of the UI. The ROM development was started by a group of enthusiasts and was available to certain Android phones only. Its ultimate customization possibility made the ROM very popular and it was later picked by different developers who now make the ParanoidAndroid ROMs for a variety of phones across the Android Platform.

The guys behind ParanoidAndroid ROM have now released a new beta version 2.99.9-PIE that will culminate in PA ROM version 3.0 at the time of final release. Apart from the unique features mentioned above, the new beta features another awesome feature that is amazing in its own way. This feature is called “Expanded Desktop Mode”. The ParanoidAndroid team has released a video teaser that beautifully demonstrates the new feature that will just make you say “WOW!”

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ParanoidAndroid 3.0 ROM for Galaxy S2, S3, Note and Note 2?

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The Expanded Desktop Mode or Pie mode defines the way you navigate through your device in a whole new way. Here is what the PA Team says has to say about it:

This short video will show you how nice it’s the experience of navigating on expanded desktop mode, having the possibility to check your notifications, open Google Now, clear all your recent applications and quickly flow through your device with just a finger-swipe.

The Expanded Desktop Mode gives you more desktop space by popping up on-screen navigation keys that take up screen real estate. You can access the navigation keys with a swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen. Thus you get a full-screen experience with quick access to all of your important functions with a single swipe and hold. So many things shrinked to a little space beautifully! You can also control the color of the nav menu.

The new ParanoidAndroid 3.0 ROM is currently available for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 Nexus 10. It will soon be released for other phones when the testing is finished. If you got any of these devices and have rooted and installed CWM on it, you can download the ROM from the links below and give it a try.

Update (February 09):

[highlight_blue]ParanoidAndroid 3.0 ROMs have now started rolling out. The Post has been updated the latest version of the ROM for the following devices.[/highlight_blue]

Here is is a short video review of the Paranoid ROM 3.0 made by Datmexicankidd:

Features of ParanoidAndroid ROM 3.0:

Here are some of the most striking features of the PA 3.0-

  • Pie panels are centered and glide right under your thumb, don’t stretch in landscape
  • New pie default colors (holo) for disabled per-app-color
  • Screenshot option
  • New statusbar icons (dont look “washed out” anymore)
  • New bootanimation
  • Unlockpattern cut off is gone
  • IME is themable
  • MMS black on black fix
  • Pie without search agent should be fixed
  • PAPrefs has been polished for easier use (still much to do)
  • PAC support for bluetooth icon
  • (Mako) Perfect kernel calibration, made one extra for pa
  • (Mako) Autobrightness is adjusted for it
  • (Mako) Fart vibration for on-touch is gone
  • Tons of optimizations under the hood

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How to Tutorial:

Quick Installation Steps:

  1. Update your recovery to the latest version. Pre-4.2 recoveries can mess up your sd card/storage.
  2. Download PA Google Apps (link above)
  3. Download PA ROM (link above)
  4. Copy the ROM and GApps files to your Nexus device SD Card
  5. Boot in Recovery and backup your current ROM first using “backup and restore” option.
  6. Go back and “Wipe data/factory reset”
  7. Then “wipe cache partition”
  8. Go to “install zip from sd card” and install the ROM first and then the GApps.
  9. Go to “mounts and storage” and wipe cache.
  10. Then “wipe dalvik cache” from “advanced” option
  11. Back to main menu and select “reboot system now”, first bootup can take a little time
  12. Enter your Google account info, press home when you encounter the black screen
  13. Please do not restore system apps, system data and Google apps. This can cause boot-loops and other problems due to mismatches coming from CM to AOSP and moving from Android version 4.1.2 to 4.2

For detailed guide on flashing ROMs and rooting these device, please visit the links below:

Galaxy Nexus Tutorial: Link

Nexus 4 Tutorial: Link

Nexus 7 Tutorial: Link

Nexus S Tutorial: Link


  1. hey guys i have the version 3.10 pa android rom installed on my nexus 7 . what do i have to do to install the pa android 3.15 update do i do all the above mentioned steps again?

  2. Hi Sam,

    If you had also mentioned the device and model you have, I would be able to suggest you a working solution. Error Status 7 is generally due to Recovery update.

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