TWRP or TeamWin Recovery Project is the best call of custom recovery for anyone who is willing to enter the Android custom world. A custom recovery is a modified recovery subsystem to an Android device. It allows a user to perform selected actions on the device without needing to enter the OS, moreover the name itself matches the functions that it offers. A custom recovery could be life saver if you’ve accidently messed up your OS, in turn preventing you to boot into it. It allows you to wipe various device partitions, zip installation, mounting partitions, and a few more features to assist you whenever you’re in need.

Lately, TWRP has released its update to version, bringing in the following set of changes and new additions, of which the first one is where we’re going to put our focus on. Visit the TWRP website for more detailed information.


  • Flash IMG files directly via the TWRP GUI
  • Fixed MTP related crashes and bugs for some devices
  • Eliminate TWRP toggling USB IDs during boot if MTP is enabled
  • Fixed ADB sideload issues
  • Improved threading of actions
  • Eliminated separate thread for screen timeout
  • Updated libblkid to 2.25.0
  • Use power button as back button on watch themes for easier navigation
  • Added mutex locking to data manager
  • Improved custom theme handling on encrypted devices
  • Allowed the stock theme to be offset by build flags so we can centre a lower res theme on a higher res screen especially for watches with round screens

Above is quite a changelog but is not clearly understood by an average Android user (like me), so we will put some light on what interests us – Flash Image files using TWRP Recovery. Since a long time, we have been using fastboot commands or third party apps to flash an IMG file, which maybe a recovery, or kernel image files. But today, TWRP has bought another unique feature, making it the first of its kind to support flashing IMG files directly via recovery.

How to Flash Image (.img) Files using TWRP

  1. Boot into TWRP recovery mode, either by following the hardware button combo or by typing in the following command:
     adb reboot recovery
  2. It is necessary to have your image file already placed on your device’s storage (Internal or external).
  3. Tap on Install in the TWRP main screen.
  4. Now, the default mode is to flash zip files, you will need to toggle the mode to images.
  5. To do so, tap on the Images… button on the bottom-right of the screen.
  6. The recovery will now only see the image files, select the one you desire to flash, this could either be a kernel or recovery image file.
  7. Once you select, you will be prompted to select the type of image it is, select Boot or Recovery corresponding to the image file you selected.
  8. Finally, swipe the button on the bottom of the screen to start the flashing process.
  9. Once complete, you can go to Reboot > System.

You have just experienced the latest and unique feature that has been introduced in TWRP very recently. This will now allow you to flash image files using TWRP on your supported Android device. If you still haven’t installed TWRP recovery on your device, click here and find the respective guide for your Android smartphone. Latest TWRP recovery for your supported device can be found here. Support us and help us build a better community by providing us feedback via comments.


  1. On line 6 it says “kernel or recovery images”, then later it changes it to “Boot or Recovery images.” So, what is it kernel images OR boot images? And does that mean we can flash Bootloader image files? Or does it mean the kernel package is in a Boot.img? Please explain if someone clearly knows the differences. Thanks

  2. no..actually i flashed a new TWRP right after i flash a stock rom…because when i go to recovery with the stock rom…my screen displays a dead android image…anyways ill try to find a new version of twrp now..i would be glad if u can link me some site for latest twrp

  3. So, you still have TWRP even after flashing the stock firmware? It should have been replaced by the stock recovery. Anyway, it looks like the specific TWRP version present on your device has issues. Try a different version.

  4. hi i already flash stock rom a while ago..after that i flash twrp, and still i cant click any button on twrp…

  5. i tried pressing power+volume down…my screen displays
    Factory Mode
    Full Test
    Item Test
    Clear eMMC

  6. doesn’t work…if i press power button +volume phone starts to vibrate and will not stop vibrating…

  7. hi i have a question…my lenovo a390 had an unresponsive screen so i have it replaced with a new screen…after that the phone was working fine but the TWRP became unresponsive i cannot click any button on my TWRP recovery…please help me fix my TWRP…

  8. Can I install TWRP if I have CWM installed? If so could you direct me to instructions. Galaxy S4 I9500. Thank you

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