Nintendo has been in the spotlight these past couple of weeks due to their recent announcements. Not only have Nintendo announced a new overly-hyped console in the form of the Nintendo Switch, but also came out with their first legitimate attempt at a mobile game. The phone game is called Super Mario Run and it borrows classic elements from both the original Mario games as well as mobile gaming.

The game was made available for iOS devices but lacked presence on the Android market. This obviously wasn’t something Android fans could be pleased about, but that will soon change. According to a tweet put out by Nintendo themselves, fans all over the Android platform will be able to enjoy this cool new Mario experience starting with the month of March. Surely, there’s a still some time left until then and no doubt everyone would have wished Nintendo released the Android version of Super Mario Run right now, but that’s just not how it is.

Nintendo promises to release more mobile games this year, such as Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, but the focus right now as far as mobile endeavors go, is on Super Mario Run. So far, there are mixed numbers showing up when analyzing the performance of the game. While a large number of people got hyped and tried out the game, statistics show that only a very small portion actually purchased the paid version.

Super Mario Run is a mobile 2D running/platformer game in which players must get Mario to the end of the level in a near identical manner to how it is done in the original Mario games. The game’s fun factor and element of enticement come from the fact that the only control you have at your disposal is the tap. By tapping the screen, you make the character jump.  Mario runs automatically and even jumps over some small obstacles without players having to interfere. This could make the game seem very easy for some, while others like this concept because they don’t to do that much to get gratification for completing a course.

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