Nintendo has managed to keep the Switch under tight seal after the initial announcement and unveiling of the device. Many have speculated as to what the console might come with and what its true strengths are, while other people were content with what they had heard or seen about it. The concept of swapping between  a home entertainment console and a portable console at will was a strong enough incentive to get people on the Switch hype train, but now it looks like we could finally have more details about the product.

With promises of delivering all the details fans might need, Nintendo made the first step to bring the console to the public. That step was to announce the preorder availability for the Switch, letting people know when they can start sending out those preorders and thus securing a copy. The announcement came from the New York City based Nintendo store which revealed that fans would be able to send preorders starting with the 13th of January. That’s going to be a Friday, and the official start is at 9 AM ET.

Nintendo Switch won’t actually be released until the month of March, presumably, but those that preorder it will have the option of striding down to the Nintendo store and picking up a unit. This is convenient in a situational matter. Why is that? Because Nintendo specified that preorder customers will benefit from a secured copy as long as the store’s stock lasts. There were no details about how many units will actually be available on launch day, or if there would be any stock backups waiting to save the day in case of a fan frenzy.

Speaking of fan frenzies, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see the Nintendo Switch face a “sold out in a matter of minutes” situation, due to the levels of hype that were put into its marketing prior to release.

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