The iconic Nintendo has kept the gaming community on their toes regarding when Switch will become available. After a moderate wait, it seems that we may finally have our answer. The Japanese manufacturer officially announced that those interested in purchasing the Nintendo Switch can do so starting with the 3rd of March.

More than that, Nintendo made the price of the console known and it’s $300 in the US. Other regions will see different pricings, influenced by various factors. While there are no confirmed price tags for Europe as of yet, UK citizens know that Switch will be available to them at a starting price of 280 GBP.

So what can we play on Nintendo’s Switch?

Nintendo has made it clear that its intention is to make the Switch experience as “Nintendo” as possible. What that means is that users will be able to play a wide variation of titles ranging from Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild to multiplayer titles like NBA. The unique design model behind the device will allow you to play against friends not sitting next to each other, but sitting in front of each other.

That may be a great concept as players will engage in literal face-offs. The aforementioned Zelda title is actually the flagship game that comes with the console upon purchase, and it serves Nintendo’s “oldschool” initiative of catering to core audience segments.

Aside from the already confirmed titles coming from established home franchises such as Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Bros or Super Smash Bros, Switch will also house third party titles like NBA or Skyrim, according to the game’s early teaser trailers.

With the release day approaching, it won’t be long before we get a full list of the first wave of Switch games coming our way.

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