Primal ROM. 4.4.2 has been released for the Google nexus 4. Some of the new updates in 4.4.2 include bug fixes, and ART compatibility, not to mention better battery life. This ROM does not come jam packed with as many features as most ROMs but since the 4.4.2 source code has just recently been released features are yet to come, not to mention that this ROM is based on the Carbon ROM. Some of the features included in this ROM are the following:

  • Battery icon changer,
  • Backlight on the soft keys
  • Transparent status bar, and navigation bar
  • Customizable power menu (screen shot, recovery etc.)
  • Another neat feature of this ROM is the immersive mode(similar to Pie but better)
  •   Another thing about this ROM that I liked was how Gaaps was included by default. In terms of battery life this ROM did pretty decent I got about 12 hours and 6 minutes of total usage and 3 hours And 6 minutes of screen time. This ROM comes with the AK kernel which is great on battery life and other things. One of the features that I most enjoyed about the AK kernel was a feature called doubletap2wake. Since the Nexus 4 lacks physical buttons on the screen the doubletap2eake feature allows the user to double tap on the bottom of the screen and it wakes up. However this feature is not set by default by the kernel, you have to do it through the app trickster mod. This app will allow you to set the governor, CPU, and voltage which help in battery life. In order to set up the doubletapt2wake feature
  • open trickster mod
  • Grant super SU access (root access)
  • Open the tab by swiping to the left
  • Tap on specific
  • Go to screen settings
  • Check doubletapt2wake and click apply

Recommend flashing this ROM via CWM ( Clockwork Mod Recovery)


Download Link: Click here

Comment or  message for any questions/ problems. Enjoy 🙂

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