Staying updated with what’s happening around you and across the globe is more important now than it has ever been. With so many things happening in the world, from elections to inventions, you wouldn’t want to be left behind.

The internet is one of the best ways to get the latest and trending news in an easy and fast way. That’s why there are lots of apps available in the Google play store that cater to the needs of news readers. Earlier, it was Google RSS reader, now it is Feedly or Flipboard. There are other awesome apps out there, but I have found these two to be the best based on my personal experience.

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With that said, here’s another option for you – NewsTab. What makes NewsTab different is that it invests more focus on regional or local content rather than global content. As a result, it already covers over 130 regions around the world. Thanks to the large coverage, you can follow a range of publications from your country of choice.

RSS Reader App

When using the app, you can either just go through the headlines, or tap to get more information on each news. It also integrates with Twitter and Google News. You can also create Google Alerts for specific keywords so that you get notified when something of your interest happens. The interface is very customizable.

Within the app, you have the options of a ‘card’ view, which provides a sequence of large tiles for each article, or a list view which allows you to see more of the headlines on one page. You can set the type of view individually for each of the sections that you’ve set up. You can choose the heading color for each section when you create them, and there are also dark and light themes so you can tailor the look of the screen to your preferences.

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NewsTab lets you pick from major publishers like The Guardian, CNN, and The Economist, as well as local sources in several countries, and add individual RSS feeds.

Some more useful features include simplified viewing, save for later option, following Twitter hashtags, video news, podcasts, etc.

So, to wrap it up – NewsTab is a beautiful newsreader, designed for enjoyable browsing among your favorite news sources (via RSS and Twitter feeds) with a visual, image reach, experience.

NewsTab: Smart RSS Reader Price: Free

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