In August, the University of Michigan announced that they were successful at developing a “transparent solar collector.”  This is all just a fancy way of saying ”We made a see through solar panel!” A company called “New Energy Technologies” Is also bragging that they have the technology of transparent solar collectors.

So why does Droid Views care? Well besides the obvious technology that can help change the power grid , there is another function that we are excited about. New Energy is making a “film” that is made to go over glass.  This is similar to aftermarket window tint or a screen protector. What this film does is magically turn Ultra Violet light into electricity.

So imagine, you never have to worry about getting to a charger.  This technology works at night and indoors.  Having a dead battery does not leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.   A Netflix binge is no longer restricted to how long your battery life lasts.

So what is the downside? Unfortunately it is not quite ready to be put into production.  As of now, It collects 1 percent of “collectible energy,” where real solid solar panels collect more around 25 percent to 50 percent.  Although they do plan on developing up to 7 percent.

And we have n0 clue on the price of the film.  It  does not look like it would be something that would be very expensive, and I am willing to say it would not cost more than $5.00 USD to cover the screen.  But this is technology, and I could be wildly off.

Now if this covering has any durability, and can keep glare off my phone, I would  be one happy man.

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