Have you ever wished to get the circle clock weather widget on your Android phone? This is one of the most beautiful clock weather widgets with cool animation. Well, here is the default Motorola launcher and circle clock widget from RAZR M. There is nothing special about the launcher as it looks like a normal holo launcher. The clock widget, however, is just an example of how beautiful a home screen widget can be! You can convert the circle digital clock to analog clock by swiping a finger upward or downward on the clock circle. You can also add another city for the weather in the same way.

You can download all the APKs from the link below and install them as you install a normal APK file. No need to deodex or sign the apps. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the whole folder, or the APKs to your phone’s internal or external SD Card. Go to Settings> Security on your device and check the Unknown Sources option there.

It will not replace the stock launcher of your phone. It will just give you another alternative home screen launcher to which you an switch or exit anytime. Install all apk files, then press Home button of your phone to launch it and select “Home screen”. Please, remember that you cannot place the weather clock widget on any third party launcher home screen. The widget only works with Motorola Home launcher activated.

circle clock widget

Note:  The launcher app is compatible only with Android phones with Ice Cream Sandwich and above and requires no root.

Motorola Razr M Launcher and Circle Clock Widget

Motorola Razr M Launcher+Clock Widget

Motorola Razr M Stock Wallpapers+System Dump

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Motorola Circle Clock Widget Did Not Work for You?

In case you are not able to install the Motorola Circle Clock Widget from above on your device, there is an easier way to get them on your phone or tablet, see this post.


  1. Has anyone tried this on droid 6? I installed it on my droid Moto Play and I get ‘Problem Loading Widget’. The widget cannot work on 3rd party launchers. I have tried both the launcher that came with this download and the default launcher and get the same message. Any insight would be appreciated.

  2. Home screen app won’t install it say app not install i have moto x 2013 what should I do????

  3. same issue as with my new Moto X, chose Home Screen, but it says “problem loading widget” and in the background, it says ” The circle widget is not supported on 3rd0party Home screens”

  4. My Moto X says, circles widget cant work with any third party Launchers.
    I select homesceen only as suggested by u above… please help me i love this widget….!!!!

    note: when i click the center of my phone three launchers appear
    nova launcher

    and i select homescreen, and when i hold and drag the circles widget it says cannot be installed in third party.


  5. I am not tech savy but I would like to get this on my phone. I have a samsung galaxy. Is this able to be installed on my phone and if so how do I do it?

  6. I have installed all of the apk’s, however the launcher does not seem to work. Attempting to access the launcher results in an error message “Unfortunately, Homescreen has stopped”. Re-installing the launcher does not seem to help. My device is a Google Nexus 7 (2012).

  7. When you install an app the permissions are set appropriately by phone itself. Try to clear launcher apps’s data and cache from Settings> Application manager.

  8. yes, I installed the apk launcher and widgets, but when I click the home and choose the motorola homescren select the widget crashes the launcher and back to TouchWiz

    have to do some alteration in permission? RW-R-R

    Thanks for listening

  9. Hi, I have a Motorola Razr xt910 with JB 4.1.2. I install CircleWidget3D, Homescreen and Weather. When I tried to install HomeConfig I got this message (Replace app? This is a system app. All your previous data will be saved.) Should I install it or leave it like I did? If I install it, I can go back?

  10. Hahaha! No, my friend. That’s a watermark that I have put on the screenshot so that others do might not steal my bandwidth. The launcher and widgets are clean 🙂

  11. Thanks for your reply, I still have an important question:

    – I do not really want to change launcher, I just want to instal the circles asbefor upgrading to JB!! is it possible to find the appropriate files some where?

  12. Hi Hani, the widgets require the same version of launcher that has provided above. Install the launcher too and try again. On Motorola phones this issue is common, on others it runs fine but with the launcher.

  13. Hi there, I’m not a pro! so I just downloaded, then extracted and installed only the circle.apk
    But, when inserting on my first page it said “the circles is not supported on 3rd party..” I have a Motorola Razr xt910, with Fido in Canada.
    Could you pls. help me what to do?

  14. To uninstall, go to Settings> Application> slide to ALL tab, find the file and uninstall from there. To go back to stock Homescreen, press the Home button and select your launcher.

  15. Thanks for posting this! I’ve upgraded my Droid Razr Maxx, though I’ve been noticing my battery life draining significantly. Looking at the battery usage, Android OS seems to be the culprit. Any one else noticing this? No new apps installed and nothing else that I know of changed. Android 4.1.2 -> 98.72.16.XT912.


  16. Thanks for installing this! I’ve upgraded my Droid Razr Maxx, though I’ve been noticing my battery life draining significantly. Looking at the battery usage, Android OS seems to be the culprit. Any one else noticing this? No new apps installed and nothing else that I know of changed. Android 4.1.2 -> 98.72.16.XT912.


  17. Hi Chen, when the system apps are protected by signature, they will not allow you over-write them. You must delete the conflicting app before you could install another. The present have been ported to non-Motorola phones and they do not bear required signature.

    Without rooting your phone, you will not be able to install the app provided in our package.

  18. Hi Mr. Rakesh, I also tried to install the included Weather.apk, but it says cannot be installed because an existing file with same signature is already in my phone. My phone is Motorola Atrix 2, with that, i cant use the weather app on the circles widget. Do i need to delete the system one using root file managers? I’m not rooted, thanks!

  19. Gps toggle force closes the launcher. I use JB OTA 4.1.2 gsm eu rom on my Droid Razr. Anyways to fix that? Thanks..

  20. You need no special preparations. Just download, extract the zip, copy the 4 apk files to your phone by connecting it to computer via USB cable, and install them. Doesn’t matter in what order.Cheers and welcome to Android!

  21. I just bought the Razr Maxx, I’m new on Android, I’ve downloaded the zip files, do I have to do something before installing these .apk files? Is there an order to install it? could you explain step-by-step please?

  22. Hi, I do not think it can be fixed. Just as you are not able to the circle widget from this launcher with any other launcher, the contact widget from your phone launcher is behaving the same way. It’s a little game of gain and loss- the price you have to pay to have those lovely circles!

  23. Everything worked fine on my original Razr once I loaded the Homescreen apk. I guess my only complaint now is that my contact widget that I was using that came with the phone will not drop down to show the rest of my favorites. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

  24. Same here, clicking the weather circle goes right to Accuweather. Just wish I could choose a different app (like weatherbug). if I want “more details” on the weather it wants to open chrome or firefox.

  25. Tried twice, once before Jelly Bean, once After. Before on ICS it installed but would not show up in the widgets list. After the JB OTA update I installed it & it showed up on widgets list but when dragged to screen it said Widget does not support 3rd party home screens. My Maxx is not rooted or using any custom rom, just straight up what Motorola has given me. I am not TOO disappointed with the launcher altogether, as most all launchers have their pros/cons. I do like that I can swipe to the far left and pull up a quick settings page and adjust wi-fi, gps, airplane, bluetooth from there, ridding my need for a power switch widget that does the same thing. I also like that I can add or remove screens like you can with custom launchers like GO or Nova. My only complaint about the circles widget is I cannot touch the weather circle and have it open a different weather app like weather bug.

  26. homeconfig.apk did not install on your phone because you tried to install on a Motorola phone. As for the circle widget, it is definitely the best clock weather widgets ever but it runs only with the moto launcher. that is sad. Try to apply the widget with the stock Motorola launcher on your phone. Does it work?

  27. Installed Yesterday on my Droid Razr Maxx after the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update and so far they work just fine. Circles is one of the most impressive Widgets I have seen in a while. I tried to install homeconfig.apk but it would not install it and said it was not needed. Thanks

  28. Unzip the files to your desktop and then copy the extracted folder to your phone. Open file manager and install the APK files present there.

  29. it actually works on my Note 2. however the Motorola Launcher will crash when i sweep to the most left page (Settings). therefore i will need to always re-launch the home screen.
    error message: “Unfortunately, Homescreen has stopped.”

  30. Hi Billy,
    The Motorola widgets work only when you switch to Motorola home launcher provided in the download zip. Install the launcher and launch it by pressing the home button and select the new launcher. You will then be able to apply the widget.

  31. Running Beanstown JB 4.1.1 on my GS3 and the circles widget won’t install on my screen. i keep getting the not supported on 3rd party home screens error. Any suggestions?

  32. it will not download the weather part on my Droid 4 because it says it already exists? how do I fix that?

  33. Well, I have tested all APKs on my Galaxy s3 and everything working fine. Can’t figure out why you have not been able to install them all.
    Is you phone on ICS or JB?

  34. I got the home screen to install and circles widget to install but the other 2 will not install I’m using a Droid Razr Maxx running 4.1.2 and it’s not rooted

  35. i can´t install in my atrix 4g android 2.3.6, helpme please, say don´t can´t analize the packed

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