In order for a product to be truly useful and productive it has to prove it’s mettle and serve efficiently the enterprise world. For a long time android has been growing increasingly delicious for the general public with enhanced features, release after release. There was limited focus on security as the data exchange was not as sensitive.

Android lollipop is truly a cautious attempt to capture the attention of the corporate and enterprise world. It offers 64 bit chip-set support which means it becomes more powerful and computationally effective. This is a major advancement as many a times battery consumption is not the limiting step. A part of the Consumer base wants portability but not at the cost of computational power. We have already heard about android enterprise boxes developed by Dell which weren’t as successful. However lollipop can turn the tables. 64 bit support also hints towards larger RAM sizes which were currently saturating towards 3GB. How the chip-set manufacturers are going to squeeze into space such minuscule is yet to be seen but definitely someone is going to come up with larger RAM sizes at one point of time just because the OS can now support it. It is no longer the limiting factor.

ART as a default run-time is also an immense step forward. Device flash memory is now no longer a concern anymore. 32 and 64GB of internal memory is now the mainstream as opposed to 8 and 16 GB a few years back. Using ART as the default run-time may result in the increase in overall installation size but the performance boost will be spectacular and impact on battery performance will be observable.

This is the beauty of Android. The way the operating system is maturing is jaw dropping. It is regularly embedding features which had to be installed as apps for e.g. the battery saver which comes by default in android lollipop as a settings option. Project Volta claims to increase the battery life of nexus 5 by almost 90 minutes on the same usage. It implies that with the same old device, with a worn out battery one can get a massive battery life improvement. Extrapolate this effect on monstrous batteries such as those of Nexus 6 and galaxy note 4 the result which we may get will be splendid.

The final dart in android’s quiver is that it’s open source and Linux based. People love open source which has been showcased by the ultra-fast adoption and activation of Android smartphones and tablets. The hunky play store proves how easy the developers find it to develop apps for Android and also how much they love it. OEMs partnering with companies like cyanogenmod indicates how much seriously the platform is being taken and how wholeheartedly¬†corporations are willing to invest in and trust it.

It has been an amazing journey so far and lollipop has high hopes already, paraphrasing Google – “targeting the next billion people”.

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