Manage Your Saving Goals with Bucket App
Manage Your Saving Goals with Bucket App

It is very important that one has to have enough money saved during his earning days so that he would have a decent amount to withdraw in the future, should any emergency situations arise. Speaking of emergency situations, it could be health-related, or any other personal matter. Moreover, depositing even a small amount in the bank matters, for in the future the amount to which it would possibly accumulate by depositing could be pretty high. Wait, who said that only people who earn for a living can only save?. Even if you are a student, you could possibly save the pocket money you would be getting for expense from your parents provided you do not eat it then and there. However, I know that for students this is more said rather than done, but just a little effort and thinking would help you save a decent amount of cash.

Now speaking of money and savings here, I would like to take a look at an app called Bucket. This app manages your money saving goals, in turn helping you save a few bucks for that brand new smartphone you saw at the store the other day.

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Join me folks to take a look at the app as depicted in the screenshots below.

Bucket app introduction

Welcome to Bucket. Manage your saving goals and track your progress.
Input your savings in the Bucket app to reach your goals.
Reach your savings goals and enjoy.

Bucket app in action

The main screen of the Bucket app is called Dashboard. Tap + to add a new saving goal. Refer the next screenshot.
Adding a new saving goal. Here you have the ability to specify the title if of the goal, enter the amount (optional) and mark the goal as a favourite. Tap save after specifying. The goal is then visible on the dashboard. Refer the next screenshot below.

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These are the goals I have added. They appear on the Dashboard.

Tap on a goal to specify the amount you have saved so far and also to see the remaining amount left to save. Refer the next screenshot.

I have saved 80% so far. 20% left to save. Also, tap the gear icon located at the top right-hand corner to edit or delete a goal.

In the above screenshot, you have two tabs, those are Goal and Payments. Tap on Payments, then tap + to specify an amount you save from time to time until you reach the target. Refer the next screenshot below.

Tap + to specify an amount you save from time to time. Moreover, tap the three-dot button beside the amount edit or delete the amount.
Specifying an amount I have saved.


From the Dashboard screen, tap the three-line button to be able to access settings. Here you have the option to enable or disable push notifications and select the currency. Available currencies are shown in the next screenshot.
Only a select few currencies available. I hope more currencies will be added in a future update.

My thoughts

All I have to say is that this is one solid app that helps and encourages you to save smartly and easily. Moreover, its features that I mentioned above motivates you to save money for that one thing you have been patiently saving for by having you to enter the amount collected so far and also by showing the percentage of the amount you have saved all this long. I recommend all of you to try this app out. This is one sleek and no-nonsense app. This app has got positive reviews and feedback on the Google Play Store. Kudos to the developer for such a functional app


And there you go tech enthusiasts on my in-depth look at a simple, sleek and functional app with a nice name: ‘Bucket’. Feel free to chime in the comments section below on your take and experience with this neat little app. Download Bucket via the Google Play Store link given below.

Bucket Price: Free

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