Most of us depend on cloud storage systems to store our important files. One of the reasons for their popularity is the convenience they offer. Cloud storage is like a portable hard drive that allows us access our files anywhere and almost on any computer or handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. All you need is a working data connection.

Most cloud services offer desktop clients for natively uploading, downloading and managing our files. With smartphones growing smarter and smarter, we have begun to use them for many a jobs that were only possible on dedicated gadgets for  specific jobs or desktop computers.

Today we store all types of files like documents, images, audio, video and many others. Our dependency on cloud storage systems has been growing and we want to access stored data on the go. Cloud platforms have become revenue-generating business and offer different plans and pricing. Having consumed the allotted storage limit or crossing bandwidth limit, users have to pay extra charges. The tech companies behind the cloud platforms would not tell you about exceeding limits. It’s all about money, you know!

If you own an Android device, controlling usage of your cloud have become very easy now. Besides official apps for managing cloud storage, we now have a very handy app that lets you keep an eye on what files, folders and even what file types have eaten up how much space of your cloud storage.


Unclouded, as this app is called make it a breeze to delete files that are no more relevant but still eating space, relocate them and analyze utilization of your cloud storage. Moreover, it also helps you mark the files and folders that have consumed large space and classify them by category, modification time and type. Besides, you’ll also be able to find out any duplicate files that you might have mistakenly saved on the cloud.The app currently supports the two most popular cloud platforms, namely Dropbox and Google Drive.

Currently, Unclouded is the only app of its kind. If you are a Dropbox or Drive user and concerned about its usage, Unclouded is a must have app for you. The plain and beautiful user interface and handy features of the app make it fun to use. This amazing tool comes free. However, to be able to enjoy premium features like uploading, renaming and moving files, creating new folders and sharing links, you’ll have to spend $1.99.

Unclouded - Cloud Manager Price: Free

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