Up until this point, all LG fans and consumers have been anticipating the release date of the newest handset in the LG G series, which would be LG G6. LG has teased that it is planning on bringing out new tech soon, but hadn’t confirmed anything.

That is no longer the case now, as fans got their first official confirmation to both the existence as well as the release of the new G6 flagship. Much to the delight of LG fans everyone, the company came out with a formal press invite which made it clear that the G6 would be launched at the upcoming MWC 2017 event. The event is held in Barcelona, Spain, and according to LG, the manufacturer’s presentation would take place at 12 PM local time. If you are going to attend the event, you will find LG launching the new LG G6 at the Sant Jordi Club.

So what’s inside?

The good news is that we now know exactly when to expect the newest LG smartphone to hit the market, but the bad news is that this is pretty much everything we know about this well kept secret. LG’s efforts of keeping the project under wraps has paid off since we will be having a launch event that fully enlightens us. There are device launches that, due to internet leaks or what not, make you go like “yeah, it’s exactly what we expected”. But that is not the case here.

There are however rumors of LG using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processing unit. Although Samsung has claimed the entirety of Qualcomm’s first batch of Snapdragon 835 processors, LG has been among the manufacturers claiming that they don’t bother using an older chip since the 821 is still strong.

The press invite also contained a picture and the captions “big screen” “that fits”, hinting that we might see a device with very small, or completely absent edges and bezels. This seems to be the way to go in 2017 as most manufacturers are looking to cut off as much as they can in terms of space around the actual display.

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