It was quite uncertain and astounding to see Sony Android developers releasing an Alpha Jelly Bean update publicly for the Xperia T. It was a great turnaround for a better user experience, guess no other Smartphone OEM had that in mind, or did they? While this Alpha ROM was made available only to the Developers, assuring correct feedback and accurate bug reports. Undoubtedly, the pace of the reports and its fixing was fast enough to make the release Open and giving out the final version just within a week, so trust me things are going to move a much fast rate. Now, this shall be a perfect way and apt time for SONY to mend for their delay.


The Final Version made public is labelled 9.1.A.0.489 running 3.4.0 kernel. The update has been confirmed to reach the Netherland region  while some other Countries- Germany, France, Saudi Arabia and a few more have reportedly be in for the update. Since the update has not yet been predicted to definite countries and regions, you shall try and see if the update is already up for your region/Country as well, or not.

We would show some gratitude to the developers for resolving some support. And off course!  We do expect a worldwide release, SONY.

Please leave a feedback on what do you think? Is the update going to be worldwide soon? What more are you expecting from the fellow Developer? Or have you already made this leap to JellyBean with Custom ROMs, preferring the same over the stock update?


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