The most common posts on social media these days are of folks request [begging] for OnePlus invites. The 2nd edition of the Flagship Killer by Oneplus Tech is out and is presently creating waves. It is close to impossible to get the invite right now unless you are willing to pay for it. And please do not ask us. We don’t have any invites to offer as of now.

The demand for invites won’t possible meet the present demand. At least not until another month or so has passed. Then the sales and invites shall be catching up from early adopters to the general public. In the race to get a OnePlus 2, some individuals have opted for buying them from the Chinese market where certain variants are available without invite. Although there are no differences to speak of in terms of hardware but the Chinese variant does not come with the official global OxygenOS ROM.

Instead it has another ROM called H2O OS which is perhaps more suited to the Chinese market. Let us know if you plan to buy in this manner, we will attempt to guide you on the issue.  There are a few things you should keep in mind before opting though:

  • You will be paying more than what you would with an invite.
  • You won’t be able to claim any warranty
  • It will require flashing for mainstream usage.

We went through the same procedure and obtained a OnePlus without invite & landed up with a phone running H2O OS. Although visually very appealing, the ROM does not have an app drawer, is missing a file manager, has many unwanted apps installed. Some of these include DU Battery Saver, Memory Clean up, Anti-virus, Xplayer, Aspa Launcher. It was difficult to navigate through the device. Also most of these apps showed up as widgets in the notification area.

So we gave you a good news: HOW TO GET A ONEPLUS 2 WITHOUT INVITE

And a bad news: IT RUNS A DIFFERENT ROM : H2O


Yes, we have located the procedure and requisite downloads. Also we have managed to try the installation ourselves and it works. Another day for testing and we shall upload the tutorial right here.

Rejoice. Cheers!!

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