Samsung’s next is still about 26 days away from an official announcement and to say we know almost everything about the device at this point already wouldn’t be wrong. However, we’re still excited about the Galaxy S8 because why not? Samsung’s flagships are amongst the most anticipated flagship smartphones each year. Today, we came across a bunch of Samsung Galaxy S8 apps already available for download!

Posted on XDA-Developers by a recognized XDA contributor Albe95, these are the apps that will be pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and it would appear none of these apps are very different from what is already available on the Galaxy S6 or S7 as far as functionality or even the user interface are concerned. There are, however, some rather subtle changes that you may notice upon using the new tab for favorites in the Music player app so that you can easily access the tracks you’ve marked with a heart, that is to say, tracks that you like/love.

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The Galaxy S8 apps seem to be only a refinement of what already exists on the Galaxy S6/S7, but are exciting to have nevertheless. Especially when you can get to try them before anyone else does. Hell, even before the Galaxy S8 is announced let alone reaches anyone’s hands. It should, however, be noted that the apps have only been tested to work on Samsung’s official Nougat firmware. Users have also been reporting that the apps work on Samsung’s Marshmallow firmware.

You may still try and see if these work on your device. They certainly didn’t work for me on a non-Samsung Android 6.0 Marshmallow device or even a non-Samsung Nougat device.

The APKs are available below and can be installed normally just like any other app. If you haven’t ever installed an app outside the Google Play Store, you might want to enable Unknown Sources from Settings> Lockscreen & Security. This is perfectly safe as long as you don’t go on an app installing spree from unreliable sources.

Galaxy S8 Apps’ Screenshots

Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Apps (APK)

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Download the APKs, copy the APKs to your device, open My Files app and navigate to the app files and tap them to install. Don’t forget to enable “Unknown sources” option in Settings> Lockscreen and security.



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