Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy Tab S3 at the Mobile World Congress just a few hours ago followed by a trailer and the date of presentation of its long-awaited flagship the Galaxy S8. Tech giants always try to keep their upcoming devices things of mystery in order to maintain the curiosity but in most cases, they fail to do so because the renders, leaks, and rumors keep popping out at times.

There have been a lot of fuss about the upcoming Galaxy S8 and because of the leaked pictures and other documents we all know a lot of this phone. And thus, there’s little space left for mystery about the product.

Here’s the official teaser video revealing the design of the S8 and the date of official launch that is 29th of March.

Now we know, how the Galaxy S8 will look like, the date of its official release and to suspend the remaining mystery, we now have a hands-on video of the smartphone. The leaked video was shared by a Weibo user on the Chinese social media and now it has been uploaded to YouTube for the rest of the world to take a peek.

The leaked short video shows that the Galaxy S8 will be released in two variants, the regular S8 and a Plus version of the phone with a bigger display.

The video reveals that the S8 will have a borderless screen with remarkably rounded corners, on-screen touch navigation buttons, Always On Display screen saver, rear-mounted fingerprint scanner (since it’s not present on the front),

Besides the video, we also have some still pics of the Samsung Galaxy S8 shared by the same guy.

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