If you remember, I shared the LG UI 3.0 home launcher app and AccuWeather widget from the Optimus G. And now we are back with the latest version of the LG Home launcher ported to other Android devices. The new home replacement launcher is from Optimus G Pro, the latest flagship from the same brand.

The launcher from the Optimus G is a bit different from its older version and to some extent it reminds of the Xperia Z launcher, especially when it is in edit mode. The launcher supports 7 homescreens that can be embellished with the widgets and shortcuts of your choice. It also supports themes which can be downloaded from our link below.

On the top of the homescreen, you have a static Google voice and web search bar and a + icon that is used to edit/add widgets to the screen. The AccuWeather widget from the Optimus G Pro further enhances the beauty of the launcher.

Besides, we also have a bunch of  new live wallpapers from the Optimus G Pro that can be installed as normal Apk files. Make sure your device is either on an ICS or Jelly Bean firmware.

(Inside the weather folder, you’ll see a file “WeatherMultiCPbin.apk”. Copy this to “system/app” directory using root browser. The main weather app can be installed normally).

Also Download:

LG G2 Lockscreen for All Android Devices

How to Install

Download all files from above and copy them to a single folder. Extract the zip file and then copy this folder with Optimus G launcher and widgets to your device. Install the apk files. Please be noted that to make the launcher and weather widgets to work, you must have a rooted device. If the installation of the launcher app fails via normal method, you will have to push the launcher and weather apk files to system/data directory on your device. You can do it using a root file manager. When the files are copied, fix the Permissions to rw-r–r–.

If you do not know how to fix Permissions on Android devices, read this tutorial. You can also refer to this guide to get it working.

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