The Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305 is the 4G LTE variant to the S3 with 2GB RAM, Exynos 4412 1.4 GHz Quad-core Cortex-A9 CPU, Mali-400MP4 GPU, 8MP camera and a 4.8 inches Super AMOLED display. The GT-I9305 is an improvement to the S3 GT-I9300 but has been officially supported by Samsung to relish the KitKat taste.

The latest version of Android took off a huge leap with the release of KitKat 4.4 during the fall of last year. Since then, its over a complete cycle when KitKat now covers a major proportion of devices providing a better-than-ever user interface, performance and extreme support. Manufacturers have bought KitKat to its latest flagships, of which Galaxy S3 GT-I9305 is one to have now received the latest KitKat 4.4.4 Firmware update. This guide will instruct you to easily install the latest Android 4.4.4 KitKat Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305. The procedure will follow up using the famous Odin flashing tool.



DroidViews or any of its community members shall not be held responsible for any damage to your device. Updating firmware manually may harm your device in unknown ways. Understand the risk and proceed thereafter.


  • Install Samsung USB drivers: Click here
  • Backup your device completely (storage, SMS, contacts, calendars, etc.)
  • Charge your S3 to at least 60% battery to avoid any shutdowns during the procedure.
  • Enable USB Debugging using our detailed guide

Download the firmware

Odin Flash Tool:

Official KitKat Firmware files:

You can download the stock firmware for your device from sites like Updato and Sammobile.

Steps to Install KitKat Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305

  1. Extract the downloaded and you will find the corresponding firmware update .md5 file.
  2. Power off your Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305.
  3. Press Volume Down, Home and Power buttons altogether until you see the warning triangle. Now press the Volume Up button to enter into Download Mode.
  4. Now connect your device to the PC via USB cable.
  5. Extract the downloaded and double-click on Odin3 v3.07.exe to start the Odin Program.
  6. You will see the ID: COM box lighten up with the corresponding device ID, which means the connection has been established successfully.
  7. Make sure Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are checked and everything else is left as it is.
  8. Click on the PDA button and select the firmware .md5 file from the location where it was extracted during step #1.
  9. Click on the Start button to initiate the process. It will take a few minutes to finish. 
  10. Once the process is complete, you will be indicated by a PASS message in the message box.
  11. The device will then reboot itself normally into the updated KitKat firmware. Please note that the first boot might take time.

Voila! You now have KitKat firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305. Enjoy the taste of the latest Android with a plethora of new features. If you’re struck anywhere, comment below and let us know. If you’ve installed the new firmware update and want to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305, click on the link below.

 How to Root and Install TWRP on Galaxy S3 GT-I9305 LTE


  1. hi, i have software problem in galaxy s3 mobile gt-i9305gsmh hongkong model. may i install ? please tell me process.

  2. hi, mine is galaxy s3 Gt-i9305 from Oman. Which lates firmware could I install?

    By the way I use this mob in India now

  3. I Dont Get it, the post its about getting kitkat 4.4.4 Rom on a Samsung S3 LTE i9305 Right? how come you say : ” Android 4.4.4 is not available for I9305T. ”
    Can you explain yourself please?

  4. Hello, can I flash to the newer XEF-I9305XXUFOB2? I have an unbranded/unlocked i9305T, successfully flashed to German 4.4.4 DBT-I9305XXUFNI3. However, it doesn’t allow for changing lock screen short cuts so I want to try the French XEF ROM – would it be okay since the German DBT ROM was successful?

  5. I found in cyanogenmod the cyanogenmod 11 (nightly) for I9305 and it’s perfect on my I9305T

  6. my S3 has a Baseband Version of I9305XXUEMK1. my question is, can update it to KitKat on the above ? germany or poland? im frong philippine..

  7. Mobile Data function , is it that what you exactly mean ? If so , that’s not a ptoblem to me , im connecting online only trought the WIFI and using apps that request mobile data only when im online with WIFI , without WIFI im using my phone without Mobile Data because my operator is charge too much for this.

  8. Whats up Rakesh. I just come back to let you known something new. Funny , it’s really funny but it’s working now. Here is what i have done.

    After manually selecting in the ( System Settings / More Networks / Mobile Networks / Network Mode ) to Only my operator ” GSM ” and restarting the phone now i have my network back for a whole day without to losing it. Everything was for a whole day 100% clean and working perfect. I dont known why i have to select this manualy , normally in this option on all my phone before it was on Auto Connect on the First Option for all netowork mods , but sems like this Phone or maybe this Version 4.4.4 need with my network to be selected manualy.

    Aniway , now i can confirm that upgrading from 4.1.1 to 4.4.4 works perfect. Thanks for all Rakesh , for your post adnd for your time and your help..

    ps: im using the german version in Bosnia location !

  9. Yup , i will do that , aniway , by ignoring now , issue with the sim card , the german version from here 4.4.4 works perfect on my phone, everything works without any issues , well till i try to call someone :’)

    thanks budy for your time ! will keeps you updated..

  10. It might be because your phone had the appropriate firmware installed on it previously, but now you have a firmware that is not for your country/region/carrier. It is possible that the signal receptivity of your old SIM has gone weaker. That’s why I suggested trying a newer SIM card that might fix the issue for you. Hope you get it!

  11. i quete that “If a different SIM from the same provider is working for you, you should try to get a new SIM card for the same number. It should work” , the service tould me the same , they tould me my sim i just one of the older tiypes of sim card’s and i have to upgrede to the new one if i like to use phones like this.

    I will do that the next days , the only thing i don’t understand is how it haves worked before without any problems. I just don’t get it. 🙂

  12. If a different SIM from the same provider is working for you, you should try to get a new SIM card for the same number. It should work.

    I don’t think your phone’s software version might have effect on network connectivity. As long as the software supports specific network bands, there should be no problem with connectivity.

  13. Hej Rakesh , interesting stuff going on here. Just come back from a phone service and they telling me that my phone is working without any problems and that my SIM card losing this netowrk. The showed me with one of a SIM card’s from then and the phone really worked without problems for the time i was there , now i used a SIM card from my Friends ( Same provider only different number ) and the the networks BH Mobile showes up right from the start by Turning on the phone.

    Now , it’s not a big deal to get a new SIM Card , but what i really would liek to known , what is causing this because i used the same SIM Card for months without any issues , but can’t get network to the same phone with same sim by upgrading the Firmware to 4.4.4 !

    I really would like to known that.

    Another question i would like to know is , would i get the network back if i downgrade the phone now for example from this 4.4.4 to 4.4.3 or even to the previous version i had before 4.1.1 !

    Thanks. Waiting for your words.

  14. i have s3 i9305 with 4.3 firmware i want to update latest 4.4 cant i update with germany firmware in s3

  15. Hej mate , this is something new now. I tryed once again , i cleaned up the chage and wiped the phone in recovery mod , then i installed again the slovenian version , and after all sussefully was finished , i joined my phone ant network was there , was really happy , then i started to sync again my apps and emails , during that a fev miutes latter this messages pop uot’s on the notification bar and at the sam time the phone moved again to emergenca call only. This is only what i have noticed right now….

  16. It’s just by flashing the correct firmware that you can fix the issue. If you phone was not SIM locked, you could flash any firmware without issue. Try flashing the formware with NEE CSC.

  17. That would be a solution , just to ask , changeing Phone Rom’s wouldn’t fix anyting right ? They mostly for the visual stuff or am i wrong ? If im wrong , wich rom’s would you recommended to try with the german or slovenia version i have so far ?

  18. The only way to fix things is to flash the carrier branded firmware for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH Mobile). I tried to look for it but did not find it.

    All you can do now if to try different firmwares to check if any of them fixes the network issue:

    Or, take your phone to Samsung care and ask them to install the correct stock firmware for you.

  19. Im freacking out , no way mate , still the same , only available on the emergency call , and now i get a notification in the task bar : Restricted Acces Changed: Voice service is blocked. I have no idea what to do to get the phone back.

  20. OK i downloading the second link ( Slovenia ) as this is a country right near my own. Will need a time. Il keep you updated whats going on, hope to fix this !

    Really thank you for your time. I appreciate it alot.

  21. OK , but this issue is only now because i have updated the phone ! Before i had the same SIM card in the Same Phone and i never lost my network to my operator. Is there a way to rollback to stock again ? I just would like to try to see would all be again fine !

  22. By carrier I mean network operator. Carrier branded devices are locked to specific operator and don’t function properly with other SIM cards. They are locked to specific network bands.

    The issue you are reporting might be due to that factor.

  23. i would say carrier branded ! Can u please explain me what exactly ( carrier ) mean. Im really lost but would liek to ansver you right.

  24. Im from Bosnia and Herzegovina , im using the German KitKat Firmware from the tutorial here with Englsih language. My network is BH Mobile. Sorry but im now really sure what exactly you mean with ( carrier ) 🙂

  25. OK i just finished it , and it’s still the same , after finishing it and reboting , de phone was on factory like on my first day with it , i loged in and did those first steps , but so far i was able to check for network noup , again in emergency call only , and scan find my network but won’t connect.

    damn.. any other sugestion ?

  26. So i should just to try to factory reset and wipe the Cache of the phone with the recovery mode ?

  27. I manualy can find my network , but this process does not finish sussefully to connect to it.

  28. I foget to say , that today after the update i have network , and i sussefully did a fev calls , but now i can’t do anything , im just in emergency call only and no way to pick up my network back.

  29. Dear Rakesh !

    Im in trouble , i updated my phone today and everything is fine , but i just now noticed as i have tryed to make a call that i don’t have network , i can’t call and no one can reach me. When i scan manualy for networks i find my Network , but when i hit to register my phone to my network i get a fast popup message sayign something about my Sim Card ( it’s to fast and im not able to read it ).

    Please Help. What can i do now ?

  30. I guess I didn’t form the question as I should have, does this German firmware work with my model? Is there a difference between I9305 and I9305T firmware related?

  31. Hello,
    First off, great article. Was looking into flashing my own S3, as procedure seems easy enough, one question though, does it apply to the GT-9305T version (baseband: I9305TDVUENC1)?

  32. I simply can confirm that i upgraded from 4.1.1 ( once updated with the samsung auto update to 4.1.2 ) to 4.4.4 without any problems.

    It was everythign a little bit slow on the first run after update , but after apps are updated and i hit once restart everything runs now like butter.

    Thanks Rakesh !

  33. OK , nice to hear that , going to try that now . If something is going wrong , is there somewhere the stock rom of my version so i can backup it ?

  34. Interesting Article. I Have a fev question , i holding curently a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305 , but with an Baseband Version: I9305XXBME1 and it haves the Android Version 4.1.2 , i only have updated it a fev times with the samsung auto update there never in this way!

    I am now available to use this German Versioin to upgrade it to 4.4.4 , or should i better keep my curent version like it is , and if im available to do so , wish language i have in this version , is it only german or do i get English and a fev stock languages in there.


  35. Thank you for your help. Do you know where i can download official fw for my network just in case something happens.

  36. Based on my past experiments, I don’t think it’ll mess anything and even if it does, you can always get back to the older firmware for Orange France network.

  37. Hi, is it ok to use the germany firmware. I’m in france and bought it through Orange (mobile telco) France. Thank you!

  38. i have optus s3 in asia its not locked every sim my country is working on the device, i want to update using germany rom and i have two questions only
    A) will it lock my device again?
    B) will 4g work on germany rom? thank you

  39. is it impossible for me to downgrade from kitkat to JB 4.1? honestly, on kitkat 4.4 its hard to root. please somebody help me. i have try to downgrade but always fail

  40. I buy my Samsung galaxy s3 i9305 from oman.
    can I successfully update to 4.4 ??
    root is required for this purpose???

  41. Hi.I´m from Portugal and my phone as the sym-lock to MEO and an MEO branded ROM, can i just crack the lock with this upgrade, and it will work with my other local call service providers EX:MEO,VODAFONE,NOS and others.
    Many Thanks Rakesh.

  42. Thank you very much for your very fast answer ! Tomorrow I’ll be in kitkat thank to you 🙂

  43. Hi there. Thank you for this very interesting post ! I just have a little question : I don’t want to root my phone just have the kitkat upgrade. If I follow this tuto will I have the little problem with knox ? Because I’ve seen it could be a bad thing if there is the message : knox warranty void 0 x 1

    Thanks a lot !

  44. my phone’s CSC is unknown,.
    can i use the firmwire files for germany or poland to my phone …is there any problem

  45. Also have singapore i9305 unlocked. If I use Germany firmware, will it lock my device again? Thanks

  46. Can i downgrade back to 4.3 JB….please tell me how? and tell me the im using the kitkat 4.4.4

  47. Hi, does the poland/germany software for 4.4.4 work with GT-i9305 singapore model unlocked? Thanks

  48. does anyone have another link to the German ROM? damn mirror sites throttle the speed so much it will take me over a day to download and it’s already failed twice

  49. please help me,i have installed firmware of germany, its work properly but. it cant use voice control command like say cheese for take picture. is it a bug or what? sorry my english is not good

  50. Worked for me on COS Greece (Cosmote) 4.3
    Installed DBT Germany 4.4.4
    Working like charm!

  51. Hello everybody…

    First of all i have to say that my device is Samsung Galaxy S3 4G (gt-I9305) Greece (Cosmote)
    The latest official update for me is 4.3
    And i just installed the Germany DBT KitKat 4.4.4 Firmware
    Everything working like charm even my device is now unbranded
    Even Kies shows me that i have the latest Firmware!
    I didnt had to set the languadge to Greek, it was auto seted by my Sim card!
    And the battery got better drain for me so far!

    Hope hepled for someone in here.

  52. hello Sir..
    My Phone is Samsung Galaxy S3 4G (gt-I9305) From United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    its Possible to Install Firmware 4.4.4 (Germany) ???

  53. Hi, sorry to ask this question but will I be able to change the language with the Germany or Poland firmware?

  54. hi,
    i live in afghanistan and i am using SG3 korean model SHV-E210L would it be a problem if i install one of these frimwares?
    and one thing more my GS3 have problem when i call or receive voice calls i hear some static noises do u have any solution for this plzzz …

  55. I live in The Netherlands, would It be a problem if I install the Firmware of Germany?

  56. Which stock rom has bug free its “Germany”or “Poland”? Can I downgrade to 4.3 or 4.1.2 by using TWRP with rooted device

  57. At the end i upgraded it and nothing changes… changes on wifi/3G connection and it seems worse than before because Play Store has difficulties on opening, sending and receiving messages as well…everything has a delay -.-” and now that i’ve 4.4.4 i cannot downgrade it -.-“

  58. It would be wonderful whether after 2 months, someone could write here some impression of usage (maybe with screenshots), I mean some kind of information (the most important) on battery discharge and/or on performance with difference from the previous version 4.3 , 4.1.2 or earlier, through Antutu Benchmark (or something else) perhaps.

    Do you think could be helpful for anyone else?

  59. Sadly I don’t have the Galaxy S3 anymore. Sold it an year ago. Since most firmwares have Arabic, I am 80% sure that you’ll get it. I am not 100% sure though.

    Ask someone who has already installed it. You can find such people in comments below.

  60. Nice tutorial here! But I have a question. If i update my i9305 to 4.4.4 can I downgrade it to 4.3? Just in case I don’t like it.

  61. bro this one contain Arabic language i have i9305 am in Egypt i wanna do it but i am afraid about the language thing can u advise me

  62. Hey Daniel. Which country ROM did you use and how did you do this if your S3 is simlock to Optus?

  63. okyyy thank you. but i cant find any snapshot cyanogenmod, there is only stable and nightly for i9305 !! wich one nightly or stable plz !!

  64. please !! can i install Cyanogenmod 11 & Gapps On my gt i9305 after the apdate to kk 4.4.4 !!!!

  65. You can find Google dialer on stock AOSP ROMs, Samsung devices use TouchWiz and KK has been integrated to it. Samsung has not yet provided ART option yet but you should be able to get the camera shortcut on the lockscreen.

  66. There is an official update to 4.3 for the Galaxy S3 GT- i9305T 4G? My device is still in version 4.1.2.

  67. hey sir…plz clarify…how will i know if the firmware is german? wats the region code

  68. I cant find my gps, it is working but I cant find anywhere to turn it on or off any more

  69. Then there is an update to official 4.3 for Galaxy S3 GT – i9305T 4G? Mine is still in version 4.1.2.

  70. Worked flawlessly on GT-i9305 from ( optus ) Australia extremely happy with the results.

  71. Hi Clayton, a guy successfully installed the firmware on the Australian model GT-I9305T.

    You can try too but it not recommended. See the comments below.

  72. My device is the Galaxy S3 GT-i9305T 4G. Is there a difference in the update , the problem may occur when you install this ?

  73. Glad to know, Anurag! However, we do not recommend (in written) flashing a firmware that is not meant for a specific device model.

  74. Can you please provide any torrent to download that ROM , as i have tried many times but ut failed after 500 to 600 MB… Thanks

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