If you like the new weather clock widget of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 and want to have it on your Galaxy S3, Note, Note 2,  S2, etc., you can now have it. XDA member XdroidPerfect has come forward with his modded AccuWeather widget that will replace the original widget found in current Galaxy phones to look like that of Galaxy S4. The mod is so perfect that one cannot point out a difference

The Galaxy S4 Weather Clock Widget and Music Player are available in a CWM flashable zip file and it naturally means that you must have a rooted Galaxy device with a custom recovery like ClockworkMod or TWRP to install  it. I have tested it on my Galaxy S3 and it’s working beautifully.

The widgets available below have been made by different modders and now they contain the original png files from Galaxy S3’s system dump. So they look more genuine now. Most of the S4 Weather widgets for S2 nd S3 have been modded by dr30ma so all due credits to him.

Looking for Transparent Weather for Your Galaxy S4?

Install Transparent AccuWeather Widget on Your Samsung Galaxy S4


Most of these mods work on a deodexed stock-based custom ROMs. Make sure you have it on your phone before attempting to install. To avoid any mishap, do not forget to backup your current ROM in CWM.

galaxy s4 accuweather


Download the preferred Galaxy S4 Weather Clock Widget from below and install it as directed below. Do not extract it and copy to your phone’s internal or external storage. Do not try to flash it on a non-TouchWiz phone.

For All Android Phones with Deodexed JB ROM:

Galaxy S4 Launcher and AccuWeather Widget

Updated on May 07, 2013

Galaxy S3 Only:

Make sure your phone in on latest rooted stock or a TouchWiz-based custom ROM like Omega, FoxHound, WanamLite, Neat ROM etc. If your phone has older firmware, the mods might not work on it.

The following files are for those phones on which all installed apps are found in “system/data” folder. You can check it using a root file explorer. Flash the following files using the instructions provided.

The following files are for those phones on which all installed apps are found “preload” folder and not in “system/data”. Browse your phone with a root file manager and open the prelosd folder. If your apps are there, install the files given below. You need to install both files from below.

The following files are for those phones on which all installed apps are found in “system/data” folder. Flash both files.

The following files are for those phones on which all installed apps are found “preload” folder and not in “system/data”. You need to install both files from below.

Download the app and copy/replace the original apk with this. Use only Step 7 from below.

Galaxy S4 Music Player for Galaxy Phones:

Galaxy S4 Music Player

Download the zip file and flash via CWM Recovery.

How to Install:

The Galaxy S4 AccuWeather Clock Widget can be installed either on the stock rooted Jelly Bean firmware or on stock deodexed custom ROMs. Here is how you can install the widget on your Samsung Galaxy Phone.

  1. Copy the zip file to your phone’s internal or external SD Card storage without extracting it.
  2. Now boot your phone into ClockWorkMod recovery mode: press and hold Volume Up+Home+Power buttons for about 3-5 seconds.
  3. Needless to say, you will have to use the volume and power keys to scroll up or down and select options.
  4. Do not forget to backup your current ROM using “backup and restore” option in CWM.
  5. Go to “advanced” and “wipe dalvik cache” (do it before and after installation)
  6. Now scroll to “install zip from sdcard> choose zip from sdcard“, navigate to the widget  file and select it.
  7. It will be installed in a few seconds and when it is done, reboot the phone.
  8. If your phone is on stock rooted firmware and you do not find the widget after flashing, install a root file explorer and navigate to the system/app folder. Here, you will find the following files:  AccuWeatherWidget.odex and AccuWeatherWidget_Main.odex. Copy single/ both the files to the external storage of your device and then delete the original Odex files from the System/app folder. Finally, reboot the phone.

If you still have problem, clear app data from Settings> Application Manager> ALL> after flashing the zip:

  • Settings>Application manager>All/Weather Daemon/clear data
  • Settings>Application manager>All/Weather Widget /clear data
  • Settings>Application manager>All/Weather Widget Main/clear data

When your phone boots up, you should have the newly installed Galaxy S4 AccuWeather Weather Clock widget installed on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Cheers and let us know if it works for you or not.

What to to Do If Doesn’t Work for Me?

Not all mods run successfully on all phones. In some cases the reason for failure in getting it to work might be some mistake made by the user him/herself. Whatever the reason, if the Galaxy S4 launcher and widgets do not work on you device and your device is caught in a bootloop or it is malfunctioning, do the following steps.

  1. Turn off your device, or pull out the battery (in case of a bootloop) and boot it into recovery mode.
  2. We presume that you would have backed up your ROM as instructed above.
  3. Wipe data/factory reset.
  4. Wipe cache partition.
  5. Wipe dalvik cache
  6. Go to “backup and restore” and restore the previous ROM.
  7. Finally, reboot the device.

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