If you’ve been following, you’d know that Huawei’s sub-brand, Honor is testing it’s Android 8.0 Oreo builds with the Honor V9, the Chinese variant of the Honor 8 Pro. The new update carries EMUI 8.0 to selected devices and we’ve had the firmware download links available for a while. We also followed up on that with a guide on how to update your Honor V9 to EMUI 8.0. It seems Honor has released the beta test builds of Android Oreo for the international variants of Honor 8 Pro as well. XDA member LastStandingDroid recently shared the download links to the firmware. So we’re just going to use OldDroid‘s original AIO guide to show you how to install Android 8.0 Oreo-based EMUI 8.0 on your Honor 8 Pro [DUK-L09].


Before we even begin to talk about flashing the firmware you should know that it has not yet been tested. It should work on all versions of DUK-L09 but we can’t be sure. Furthermore, the update hasn’t yet rolled out to any Honor 8 Pro devices that we know of. Which is why there is a good chance that the update may fail. If you do decide to flash this firmware, make sure you’re doing it at your own risk. DroidViews or anyone else cannot be held responsible in case you end up bricking your device. The Honor 8 Pro is slated to receive an official Android Oreo update by the end of the year.For most people, it might be a better option to wait. If you’re among those who like getting their hands dirty though, go on ahead.

EMUI 8.0 Screenshots


  1. Install HiSuite on your PC to make sure you have all the necessary USB drivers installed.
  2. Your device must be running on an unrooted stock EMUI firmware from Huawei/Honor.
  3. Your device must have an unlocked bootloader and TWRP custom recovery installed on it. You can follow our guide here to unlock the bootloader and install TWRP. Do not root the device.
  4. You’ll of course also need the leaked beta firmware. Download it from the download section below.
  5. The process described below will wipe everything on your device so make sure you backup all of your data.


Do not change the name of any of the downloaded files. If you do, make sure you use the correct names later while issuing the terminal commands.

How to install EMUI 8.0 on Honor 8 Pro [DUK-L09]

  1. Download the three zip files and place them in a folder named HWOTA on your PC. Also, download the two recovery images, do not place them inside any folders.
  2. Boot your device into TWRP recovery. To do this, first power it off, then power it on while pressing and holding the Volume Up button. Leave the power button as soon as you see the Honor logo. Keep holding the Volume Up button.
  3. In TWRP, swipe at the bottom to allow modifications when asked.
  4. Go to Wipe > Format data and type yes to decrypt the device storage. This will wipe everything clean.
  5. Now transfer the HWOTA folder from your PC to the root of your device’s internal storage. Transfer both the recovery files to your device’s internal storage as well.
  6. Select Advanced > Terminal in the TWRP main menu.
  7. In the TWRP terminal, enter the following commands one by one. The first command creates an update folder inside the data folder, in the root of your device. The second command moves the HWOTA folder to the newly created update folder.
    mkdir /data/update
    mv /sdcard/HWOTA /data/update/HWOTA
  8. After you’ve issued the commands, you can check your device’s internal storage to make sure they HWOTA folder is no longer present. You can do this from your PC over the MTP connection without leaving the terminal.
  9. Flash both the recoveries via the TWRP terminal using the following commands.
    dd if=/sdcard/DUK-RECOVERY-NoCheck.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery_a
    dd if=/sdcard/DUK-RECOVERY2-NoCheck.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery2_a
  10. Once the recovery images are flashed, delete them from your device’s internal storage.
  11. Enter the following terminal commands one to add the zip files to the recovery command.
    echo --update_package=/data/update/HWOTA/update.zip >> /cache/recovery/command
    echo --update_package=/data/update/HWOTA/update_data_full_public.zip >> /cache/recovery/command
    echo --update_package=/data/update/HWOTA/update_full_DUK-L09_hw_normal.zip >> /cache/recovery/command
  12. Now reboot your device into recovery mode again with the following command.
    reboot recovery

Your device should then boot into the EMUI recovery and the update process should start.

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