The old days of texting passed long back and IM applications have taken over. Of all these IM apps WhatsApp is the one leading the way, with over 600 Million active users, which is no doubt an amazing number for an app. Not only unlimited texts could be transferred through WhatsApp, but it also offers its users to exchange Music, Videos, Pictures and even your present locations, and all this for free. It has marked milestones and supports multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows and BlackBerry.

Features are available in WhatsApp, they are pretty useful but there is something that buggers us all – The file size limitation. Now, let us elaborate the topic a bit. When you tend to send a file, be it music, video or a picture, the maximum file size that could be exchanged is limited to 16 MB, which is extremely small and cannot be changed by default. That’s where this mod adds in and will help you increase file size limit on WhatsApp, from 16 MB to a maximum of 2048 MB (~ 2GB). This is something great, isn’t it?

You’re now not only limited to send short videos, but also movies or videos of larger size. The process requires a rooted Android smartphone to make a simple edit, in the specific xml file for the mod to work. The process is confirmed to be working by several users including me, but the limit may reset back to 16 MB after a few reboots (may be after a server update occurrence or the app update), but you can change it back anytime using the same method that will be performed below.


Altering WhatsApp related files may mess your app if done wrong. Make sure of what you’re doing and do it correctly to avoid any errors. DroidViews or any of its members shall not be held responsible if you screw up your app or device. Understand and perform everything at your own risk.

Before You Begin

  • The process requires your Android device to be rooted, for using a root explorer to open and edit the required file. You can follow find and follow the rooting guide for your device here.
  • Root explorer with text editor, we prefer Root Browser by JRummy Apps Inc. It is free and can downloaded by clicking the app box below.
File Explorer Root Browser Price: Free

How to Increase File Size Limit on WhatsApp

  1. Make sure you have WhatsApp Messenger already logged in and working.
  2. Open the App drawer and tap on the Root Browser app.
  3. It will prompt for Root permissions, make sure to grant it the same.Root-permissions-granted
  4. Go to data and tap on data again.
  5. Browse and open the com.whatsapp folder and then the shared_prefs folder. You find the com.whatsapp_preferences.xml which is our desired file.file-location
  6. Long press on com.whatsapp_prefrences.xml and tap on Open with.
  7. Select RB Text Editor from the list of programs offered.
  8. The file will open with the text editor.Value-to-edit
  9. Now search and find the following line:
    <int name="media_limit_mb" value="16" />
  10. Using the editor, change the value from 16 to your desired value.
  11. It is to note that the value being entered is defined in MBs and the is to be entered to a maximum of 2048 MB or 2GB.
  12. Save and exit the file.
  13. Reboot your Android device once and start using the app again.

Congo, you have been successful to increase file size limit on WhatsApp using a simple mod demonstrated above and can now send files with larger file size. Has it worked for you, helped you share more than before? Report it below via the comments. Provide us with some feedback, it helps us to build a better community.


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