Most of the device makers, install their own apps to market themselves which makes the device slower sometimes. The bloatware is a huge threat to the AOSP Android and should put to an end at some or the other point. Rooting a device and uninstalling all the bloatware will usually do the trick but will not remove the lag entirely, but thanks to the developers we have many scripts that optimize the device performance and offers great performance boost to the devices. Today we are going to show you one such script which gives a spike in your device’s performance.

The Medusa AIO Script developed by the nilimahona improve the Android Device performance by adding many performance scripts together. The best aspect of this script is that, you need not use any commands to run the performance scripts once launched which is actually a great deal than expected. The Medusa project aims at reducing the performance lags in the device without impacting the battery life. The Medusa tweak is slim and sleek with accurately targeted to reduce the lag with the entropy engine and other scripts, gaming performance is another add on to it.

The Medusa AIO script lists the following features for your pretty device:

  • Super Fast Performance
  • Best battery Life
  • Custom Entropy Engine
  • Superb Gaming Performance
  • Awesome Responsiveness
  • Super Slim & not messy like other scripts just Flash & enjoy
  • No command needed

This tweak is compatible with almost all device running either stock AOSP ROM or a custom ROM, so you won’t need to bother about its compatibility. Battery life is also expected to be improved with the Medusa script as the entropy engines reduce the lag in the device which results in low RAM utilization that results in an improved battery life. Installing this tweak is very simple and all you have to do is to grab the Zip file from the below download link and flash it via any custom recovery on your device.

Download Medusa AIO Script

If you’re not sure on how to install the Zip file on your device, follow our Zip flashing guide  → Click Here

So tell us how it’s working on your device in the comments section below.

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