The IFA 2015, held every year in Berlin, Germany it is alongside CES and MWC one of the most anticipated events for every consumer. And before we get into the details of the.event, here at Droidviews we will try to provide you details of almost every major launch taking place at the event, However it important to know what each major manufacturer is planning on unveiling at the IFA.

One such manufacturer that we know absolutely loves on bringing out new smartphones more often than you change your socks is Sony. And now we are going to be discussing on what exactly can be expected of the Japanese manufacturers at this event.

Even though Sony’s latest flagship the Xperia Z3+ has just landed on our shores which is also known as the Z4 in the Japanese market. The rumour mills have started already about the new Xperia Z5 which is being speculated to be revealed at this event. A teaser tweeted by Sony’s GB account told fans ” to get ready for a smartphone with greater focus. All will become clear “.

The above tweet does suggest that the Japanese manufacturer’s newest flagship handset is going to be equipped with a camera sensor which will either have a super fast autofocus are a really new and advanced way of adjusting the focal point of the photograph after it has been taken, this will rival HTC’s One series which already has some what perfected this technique.

Also being speculated is the launch of a smaller version of the rumored Z5 flagship, called the Z5 Compact. The Z5 is supposed to be equipped with a first of its kind 4K Display for a flagship smartphone taking things to a whole new level. Another device we might be seeing at the IFA from Sony is the newest version of its SmartWatch series the SmartWatch 4.

With all this and many more surprises awaiting us, we can only wait and watch until September 3 to see what Sony has in store for us.

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