CyanogenMod  popularly referred to as CM has always been referred to as one of the most customizable and stable ROM that Androiders can ask for. It is also notorious for being the most rapidly spreading ROMs as its coverage extends across variants, devices and brands.  In this post we bring to you the latest notification from the CM development team that talks about their plans for expansion of device support and other updates. So let’s get right to it.

CM acknowledges that the past few months have been about bringing more devices under CM support. Some of the flagship devices like HTC M9, Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4 still need more time while several medium-range devices have already been covered. With regard to brand-specific development, this is what they had to say.


With device contributions directly from Huawei’s team, CM are now able to support the Honor 4, 4x (cherry), Ascend Mate 2 and Snapto. These are the first set of Huawei devices that have got support since CM 7. CM also expresses excitement of the company’s support ahead of the much-awaited Huawei Nexus. This could be big!


As Motorola continues to amaze with commendable budget devices, support  is now available for the Moto E (otus) G (osprey) 2015 variants.


The brand is making waves in Asia. It has prompted CM to bring support for Mi3w & Mi4 (cancro).


The AndroMax Q (rending) is a ‘Powered by Cyanogen’ device in Indonesia and has the distinction of being the only CDMA Cyanogen Inc device.


The latest OEMs of this segment shall be released in Europe soon, and the CM Inc devices sources and nightlies shall be ready just in time.


Oppo has bestowed CM with community support for around 2 years now. Work is underway for the following devices: R7, R7 Plus & R5 (with support ongoing for the Find 5, N1, Find 7, & N3). A range of Oppo devices are soon to follow with CM sources and downloads soon, thanks to the generous device donations to CM team.

Samsung, HTC & LG

These are all blocked under one heading because they mostly cater to one kind of audience and have multiple variants that would be difficult to count individually. Support has been knocked off for the Korean LG G3 (f400), HTC M8 Dual SIM (m8d), Samsung Galaxy S5 variants of Japan & China (kltekdi / kltechn) and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos (klteduos / klteduoschn).

Lastly, more devices are soon to come under the CM wings (e.g. NVIDIA Shield tablet), as well as fresh members to the CM team which should optimize development & support. Just to add for the OP (Oneplus) fans, this conflict is far from over, there is no announcement/prospect for a CM build for the Oneplus Two yet.

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