As we continue previewing the IFA 2015 over here we will be now looking at a few more manufacturers such as Samsung HTC and Motorola. After previewing Huawei we now move on to a well-known Korean manufacturer Samsung. Known for their well-established 2nd position in the smartphone industry right behind Apple a lot is expected from Samsung at this event. Every year in every major mobile event a lot is expected from Samsung and more often than not they usually tend to deliver on their promises, so let’s hope that they can make up and deliver this time around also.

A few months back Samsung teased the launch of its new Galaxy Note 5, the European bound Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Gear S2 smartwatch which comes around screen and a traditional watch design. We thought it would be running Android Wear by Google but it’s not, it will be running Samsung’s own Tizen OS. Also to be mentioned is the reveal of Samsung Pay which a lot of European fans are keen to know because it will directly be rivalling Apple’s own online payment service Apple Pay.

Traditionally Samsung has been known for launching the Note series device iterations at the IFA but it broke that tradition when it launched the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus a few days back. Also unveiled a few days back was Samsung’s latest Galaxy tablet series the Galaxy Tabs2 which just went on sale. So what exactly Samsung is doing at the IFA 2015 is unknown but we do know that they are having a launch event.

A few speculations claimed that Samsung will be pushing the consumer version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality it said which is nearing its release and this event could be the perfect place for Samsung to tell the world about it. But what exactly Samsung has planned is actually anyone’s guess. The company is holding two press conferences on 3 September and we will likely be seeing a range of massive new Ultra HD televisions, the Gear S2 smartwatch and maybe a few Internet connected goodies too.

So I guess we will have to wait and watch till 3 September for the actual event till then stay tuned to DroidViews for more device updates

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