As we continue previewing the IFA 2015 we will look at a few more smartphone manufacturers and what we think they are going to bring to the table. The best thing about a show like this is that you never know what surprises you might come across. All we know is the biggest players in consumer electronics attend with the television and laptop makers having a great time.

We all know the IFA is one of the biggest calendar events when it comes to the field of smartphones and whether it is decided or not we can always expect some great announcement from all the well-known smartphone manufacturers and LG is no exception to this.

The LG G4 has arguably been the best smart phone to be launched by the company and without doubt we can say that it has one of the best camera sensors on any smart phone to date. Even though it may not compare with the high-end flagships of other manufacturers, it’s certainly up there. We do know that LG prefers to announce all its flagships in its own events which was hosted earlier in the year. But here we can expect to see an update to its phablet series the G Pro. This could be either called the G Pro 3 or perhaps the G4 pro,  suggesting to have more in common with the already launched flagship G4 instead of being a new model in a different product line. Either way its a large screen phablet it means that it will directly compete with the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note5 and the Galaxy S6 plus as well as the iPhone 6 Plus. We can expect large quad HD screen, a top of the range camera and a hefty price-tag to match that as well.

Most speculation does claim that LG might be enticed to launch a new version of its smartwatch given that there are reports that Samsung is all but certain to reveal the new Gear S2. But it is certain that the firm will be going big on its TV launch as it is already confirmed for new models which will be on display in Berlin, including “world’s first” 55 and 65 inch 4K HD OLED offerings-they are also flat rather than curved televisions.

To find out what LG has up its sleeve and what new devices it might be launching at the IFA 2015 on 3rd September, stay tuned here at DroidViews for more details.

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