It’s the end of August and time for another very exciting event where we will be witnessing the launch of new smartphones, tablets smart watches and what not. I’m of course talking about the IFA 2015. Held every year in Berlin, Germany it is alongside CES and MWC one of the most anticipated events for every consumer.

Now before we get into the actual coverage of the event, here at Droidviews we will try to provide  you details of almost every major launch taking place at the event, However it important to know what each major manufacturer is planning on unveiling at the IFA. We are going to look at a few major players here and give you some before hand information to what can be expected at the event. In this post we are going to preview what to expect from Huawei

Huawei continues to be an increasingly important player in the Android space. The growing Chinese company is still spreading its feet in the European and American market. Although we all know that they are bound to release the new Nexus phone but I don’t think that IFA is really the place for all that.

Over the past 18 months these Chinese manufacturer has launched a lot of new devices such as the new Honor brand and then there is speculation that the new Honor 7 is going to be launching in London this week. We are expecting them to relaunch its Android Wear smartwatch which was initially announced earlier this year at the MWC but they never really got around to releasing it. It’s aptly named Huawei Watch and this event seems like the best time to reveal it to the entire world.

The other device we may expect to see from Huawei is a successor to last years Ascend Mate 7 which was launched in the very same building as 2015’s event. The Mate 7 wasn’t just a good phone for Huawei, it was a good phone, period. One we enjoyed a lot. Little has been said of any new version, but there have been rumblings of the name “Mate S.” As with the P8 from earlier this year, we’d expect any new high-end phone to drop the “Ascend” from its title.

So if you are as excited as us to see what the Chinese manufacturers have in store for us at the IFA 2015 event keep in touch the big event goes down on Wednesday, Sept. 2, so we’ll soon have our answers.

If you have any more views on what else we will be seeing according to you then do leave us a comment in the comments section below.

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