It’s only 3 days to go for the official unveiling of Samsung next flagship phone the Galaxy S4. Our heartbeats are growing faster, as we wait for the great day to come sooner. But if  the recent leaked pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos are real, most of the restlessly waiting souls are sure to be disillusioned. Is this what we all are waiting for, or is Samsung following Apple in terms of design? Just close your eyes and try to visualize all the phones released by Samsung after the Galaxy S3, and you’ll feel that they all look pretty much the same!

As the official date of the phone’s release is getting closer, the rumors, leaks and claims surrounding the Galaxy S4 are growing rapidly. There is not a single day when we do not hear about leaked screenshots, specs, concept images and videos and some features related to this awaited gadget from the Korean manufacturer.

The most recent news about the Galaxy S4 is a bunch of images of the dual SIM variant of the Galaxy S4 Duos GT-I9502. These images have been published by Xiaoxia, a Chinese forum member and they explicitly reveal what the Samsung’s “next big thing” will look like. Just throw you eyes on the images and they will give you a sense of staleness and lack of designing spark and  innovation. Samsung and plastic seem to have become synonymous. So, by a “big thing”, does Samsung mean just a bigger screen size and a few new features.

Besides the new, or rather old design, the new images of the Galaxy S4 also throw light on some of it specs. It has an HD resolution with 1920×1080 px display. The phone has 2 GB RAM and a “Universal 5410” CPU. This fits quite nicely with the expected 8-core Exynos 5410 that is supposed to be launched with the Galaxy S4. The device runs Android 4.2.1 and features Samsung’s  TouchWiz UX.

If these images of the Galaxy S4 are real, this is certainly now a  WOW  thing as Samsung tried to hint at with its last video teaser. I still can’t figure out why the little Mr. Jeremy Maxwell was that amazed at the first glimpse of upcoming S4? This is really not happening, Samsung!

According to some reports, these images might be of one of the 6 prototypes that Samsung has sent to its partners and high officials for test. And this could really be true if you remember how Samsung dodged all by some prototypes of the Galaxy S3 last year. When the real S3 faced the world for the first time in a London event, it was quite different. This might also be true of the Galaxy S4, and we hope the phone shown in the images is just a prototype and not the real S4! What do you think?

The Galaxy S4 concept video released a few days ago:


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