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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall is in full swing and the company is urging everyone to power down their Note 7 devices immediately. The Korean manufacturer has started distribution of the new replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices to the users who bought the faulty Note 7 smartphones which are exploding. So, if you haven’t replaced your Note 7 yet, contact Samsung support to get it replaced immediately. Anyone who purchased the Galaxy Note 7 prior to September 15 is eligible for replacement.

So, how do you know if your Galaxy Note 7 is faulty or safe? Samsung has released few instructions to the buyers which help to identify a safe Note 7. You can identify the new replacement Galaxy Note 7 from the new Green battery icon and a small black square on the sticker labelled on the packaging box. Check the below instructions to make sure you’re buying a safe Galaxy Note 7.

How to Identify the New Replacement Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has set up several safety checks to ensure public safety and to regain their trust. You can identify a new replacement Galaxy Note 7 either from the packaging box or the device directly. In our opinion, we want you to make sure all the below checks are ruled out when you’re purchasing a new Galaxy Note 7 from eBay or other sources.

1. Look out for the new Green Battery Icon

The simplest way to identify the new replacement Galaxy Note 7 is to look out for the new Green battery icon. Earlier, it used to be a white-ish grey icon on Note 7 but now it will be distinguishable. The new green battery icon will be visible in three different places:

  • Status bar
  • The Always ON display screen
  • The Power OFF prompt screen (accessed by long pressing the Power key)

So, you can identify the new Galaxy Note 7 from the green battery icon as shown in below screenshots.


2. Black Square on Package Box

If you have the new Galaxy Note 7 package box lying around, you can check if it’s safe or not. All you need to do is to check if the device information sticker has a black square on it or not.


It’s also reported that few Note 7 boxes are being shipped with a symbol ‘S’ to mark it safe.

3. Verify your IMEI

If you want to go an extra mile and check the device safety, head over to the Galaxy Note 7 Safety Recall Page and input your IMEI. The tool will tell you if the device is safe or whether it needs to be replaced.

note 7 safety check

Share this safety tutorial in your circle and make sure no one’s using the unsafe Galaxy Note 7 devices.

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